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Connect Zoey to Your Fulfillment System to Automate Business Processes

Designed for eCommerce and retail, the nChannel integration platform automates the movement of B2B and B2C data and transactions between multiple endpoint systems. Designed to meet the needs of merchants with high-volume and demanding operations, nChannel integrates Zoey with POS, ERP/accounting, and logistic systems so you can push your product catalog to Zoey, automate order fulfillment, and synchronize inventory and price changes in real-time.

Create Better Experiences for You AND Your Customers

Keep Your Promises

nChannel guarantees data delivery between Zoey and endpoint systems so you can keep promises to customers. Our reliable, real-time processing means online inventory is always up to date, reducing stock outs and backorders. Orders are processed instantly, so delivery dates can be met.

Master B2B eCommerce

nChannel’s enterprise-grade architecture scales to handle large data volume and complex processes unique to B2B eCommerce, including customer-specific terms accounts, price lists, multi-location inventory visibility, dropship, and integration with brick-and-mortar stores.

Integrate Your Way

With nChannel, merchants can choose how they approach their integration. Take control with our self-help tools and ready-to -go connectors or let our team of experts lead the integration effort while guiding your multichannel strategy.

Automate Online Sales Transactions in Real-Time

Our platform eliminates manual data entry by automating the movement of:

  • Orders – Process orders in real-time and fulfill from multiple locations
  • Customers – Manage customer groups and term accounts, view purchase history
  • Shipping and Tracking – Provide timely shipping statuses to customers
  • Inventory – Update product availability
  • Items – Upload product catalogs to Zoey
  • Pricing – Manage price lists and make updates in real time

The nChannel Difference

With unmatched reliability and support, nChannel gives you the confidence that data is flowing flawlessly so you can focus on growing your business.

  • Real-time processing, no batching, that runs in the background
  • Validation from every end-point to confirm data delivery
  • Enterprise-grade audits that track every transaction
  • Proactive account monitoring to detect errors and retry
  • US-based support team available by phone, chat or email 24X7

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