Offer net terms while getting paid right away through Fundbox

We’ve heard from a lot of Zoey merchants over the last year that, as you push more of your B2B customers to your eCommerce experience, that you need a Net Terms solution to match it. (Unsure what Net Terms is? Click here!)

We’ve partnered with fintech leader Fundbox to enable you to offer your customers access to net-60 terms with credit limits up to $100,000.

The Fundbox solution is great for a few reasons.

You Get Paid Right Away

You get paid as soon as the next business day when your approved customers pay you with Fundbox.

You Can Sell More

With net-60, your customers can buy more, and more often.

It is a Simple to Set Up

Follow a few easy steps and Fundbox will appear as a payment option in your checkout.

Less Risk as a Merchant

Fundbox handles the collection of payment. If they’re unable to collect, there is no recourse against you as the merchant.

How It Works
  1. Register for a Fundbox account. Go to the Fundbox app listing on Zoey, give us some basic info about your business, and connect your bank account so we know where to send your money.
  2. Add the Fundbox plug-in. Follow a few simple steps to add Fundbox to your checkout experience. No engineers needed. It will default to net-60 terms. If you want you can configure it to your specifications with help from our sales team.

  3.  Start getting paid. When Fundbox is live in your checkout, your customers can apply for credit and, if approved, use Fundbox to make a purchase from you in minutes.** You pay an interchange fee per transaction.

Feature Highlights

Credit limits up to $100,000

Approved customers can qualify for up to $100,000 in credit through Fundbox.

Flexible Terms

You can configure Fundbox to offer the net terms that fit with your business. Net 30, 45, or 60: it’s your choice. Just connect with a member of our sales team and we can help.


You can authorize a purchase before money changes hands. Credit from your customer’s Fundbox account will be earmarked until the transaction is complete. You don’t pay any fees until the transaction is complete.

Omnichannel Transactions

While Fundbox works seamlessly within Zoey, it also works if you transact through invoicing. Once your customer is approved for Fundbox credit, they can use it to pay you however you choose to transact.

Guaranteed Payments

When your customer pays you using Fundbox, you will receive the money, every time.

No Hidden Fees

You pay 2.9% fee for each transaction. Nothing else.

Seamless Buyer Onboarding

Your customers can apply for Fundbox in minutes and get a credit decision in about 3 minutes**. And they can do it all without ever leaving your checkout experience.

To learn more about Fundbox, visit their app listing or their website.

* Extended financing is available in most states. For details, click here.

** Approval time based on the median decision time for Fundbox customers.

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