Webinar Recording: Online SEO eCommerce Tips with Infront Webworks


Once a store goes live, the work begins to make a site more visible. There are various ways to do this, such as marketing, but Search Engine Optimization (SEO) remains one of the more mysterious and elusive for many merchants. As such, SEO was the topic of one of Zoey’s most popular webinars earlier this year, so we revived the topic with agency partner Infront Webworks for a recent follow-up webinar.

In the webinar last month, we covered a number of topics around SEO: 

  • 2017 Search Engine Ranking factors
  • Best practices for optimizing your ecommerce website
  • And more SEO Tips and Trends

Check out the webinar to learn suggestions about how to improve search engine ranking with good SEO practices:  

Certain Zoey partners, like Infront Webworks, have experts on staff to help with SEO and marketing needs. Check out our agency partners page to learn more about our partners and their capabilities. Zoey also has comprehensive components on the platform to assist with SEO best practices. Learn more about them and how to use them in our support section.

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