The New Way of Building on Magento

Zoey is a great solution for your clients who don’t want to sacrifice eCommerce capabilities but are restricted with time, budget, or resources. Zoey offers enhancements to what’s already available on Magento Community, such as an intuitive dashboard, pre-integrated apps, WYSIWYG design editor, and more.



Average of 2 – 6 weeks to launch any site

On average, the typical Zoey partner can get their clients live within 2 – 6 weeks. They do not need to spend as much time on the setup, design, integrations, hosting or technical hurdles that they would have on Magento.

Depending on your client, one two – eight months

The average time it takes to build a site on Magento is usually months, not weeks.

Upgrades and Releases

Automatic upgrades and releases

Since Zoey is a SaaS platform, agencies can benefit of having everything technical handled by Zoey. Zoey has created invented a new way to host Magento, with the Zoey cloud. Zoey is fast, secure, and a scalable SaaS platform because it has rewritten many of the traditional Magento components to run more efficiently. Agencies no longer have to manage hosting, security, or updates as this is done automatically when you sign your client up with Zoey. Zoey is watching 24/7/365.

Requires a developer to implement any upgrades

Magento is a self-hosted platform – this means that all security needs to be handled by your agency or another 3rd party (which is costly). Magento has numerous security patches and extensions that all need to be handled by an experienced developer – which leaves sites opened for crashing. Magento hosting is expensive, complex and a huge security risk.


World-class WYSIWYG editor for code-free design.

Part of what makes Zoey so different from Magento (both Community and Enterprise) is our amazing visual design editor. You get the ability to build the entire front-end of any store without writing a single line of code and a drag and drop editor to simplify everyday updates to design while still having the flexibility of CSS, JS, and HTML to take the design one step further. This enables agencies not only the ability get their clients site live faster, but also involve other junior members with the build of the site.

Requires a developer to modify design

Making even minor updates to nearly every component of the front-end of a Magento store requires the involvement of a developer.


Free support

With Zoey, you’ll have access to customer support through a few different channels. Many questions are already answered in our knowledge base, however if you have a more specific question you can submit a ticket or set an appointment to speak to a customer support representative. Support is offered 24/7 to Premier customers, and 9:00 – 6:00 PM EST to Business and Professional customers.

No support

Magento provides support to Enterprise Edition customers only via ticketing. Technical support is generally not available for Magento Community Edition from Magento.


Pre-integrated apps that won’t break your site

Zoey knows how important apps are to not just you, but your clients as well. That’s why Zoey is pre-integrated with leading 3rd party apps; we’ve removed the need for developers to install them. We also connect natively with the Magento API which means that Zoey can work with almost all Magento API compatible solutions. You can check out some of our apps here.

Requires a developer to integrate with 3rd party apps

On Magento, there are no pre-integrated 3rd party apps or extensions. When your client has a need for multiple app installations, it makes the build more complicated and increases the chance that it will break part of the site.


Monthly plans that start at just $89

Zoey’s basic package starts at just $89/month and the premier plan starts at $599/month. The only cost that partners may incur is the cost of using apps or payment gateways. Because Zoey’s costs are low, it’s a great way for you to offer Magento to your clients at a much more affordable cost.

Tens of thousands of dollars to get a basic site

Magento Community Edition is free to download and to use. The cost of building on Magento CE comes from the labor of the build and design of the actual site itself.

Client Support

As a Zoey partner, you’ll get assistance with client onboarding

At Zoey, we believe in a Partner First mentality and want you to have as many successful builds on Zoey as possible. That’s why we know assisting partners in getting their clients live on Zoey is an extremely important part of why agencies choose to partner with Zoey. All partners have access to a Zoey consultant to discuss their specific client needs.

No assistance with onboarding new clients

This is not a service provided by Magento.

Internal Resources

Junior and non technical teams can use Zoey.

Since much of the technicality is taken care of internally by Zoey, a typical Zoey build does not require any senior developers. With Zoey your non-technical design and marketing team should be more than capable of creating a Zoey online store.

Typically more senior developers are needed.

Designing and building a Magento site requires time and advanced PHP development knowledge. More senior developers who experienced will be required for developing on Magento.


“I can build a site using Zoey, with almost the same functionality of Magento, for 1/3 of the cost. My clients can now afford to spend more money in marketing, which is where I’ll have the best margins.”

– Existing Zoey Partner

“Zoey offers my clients nearly all of the functionality and scalability of Magento, without the build complexities and the cost. Zoey is great for SMB with huge ambition and think on a global scale.”

– Jake Wyldeman, Craftingly, Zoey Partner

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