earn revenue share for leads you refer to zoey

Receive 20% revenue share for each referred Zoey customer, for as long as they remain a customer!

Receive commission for promoting Zoey

Tell your subscribers, customers, and followers about Zoey and its benefits, and you can earn revenue share while doing so.The Zoey Affiliate Program is perfect for reviewers, technology enthusiasts, bloggers and more.

How Does The Program Work?

When you sign up, we’ll give your own custom referral link that you can use however you choose – post in forums, write blog articles, mentions in blog posts, emails, ads, social media etc. When someone signs up for Zoey and becomes a paying customer through your link, you’ll receive a revenue share.

How Zoey Supports Our Affiliates

Earn 20% revenue share for every customer you sign up for Zoey, for as long as they remain a customer with us.

You’ll get a unique referral link that you can use when promoting Zoey to your base. For example – blog articles, a post on your website, forums, etc.

Our lead registration form lets you also register customers you’re referring directly, to ensure you get credit for revenue share.

The partnership team produces monthly newsletters and webinars, with updates on all of the things you’ll need to know about Zoey and its ecosystem.

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