A New Home For Your Ecommerce App

Tools to Empower You As A Developer

 Zoey’s app development and integration capabilities are simple and straightforward:

  • Develop in PHP and JS with no proprietary languages to learn
  • Test and update your app with a Zoey local development environment
  • Benefit from rich APIs and deep access to Zoey’s core features

Easy to Convert a Magento Module

With our tools, you can make your Magento 1.x module Zoey compatible in as little as one day. Instead of stating from scratch, our system works with you’ve already build, so you can start selling your app sooner.

Create a New Revenue Stream

We’ve made it easy to sell your app to Zoey merchants. Tap into our billing and account provisioning tools to reduce sign up friction and sell your app as a one time purchase or as a subscription.

You can even earn a 20% revenue share by referring merchants to Zoey, giving you multiple ways to earn from the Zoey ecosystem.

Zoey Merchants are Hungry For Apps

Our average merchant generates more than $125,000 in sales per year. They’re experienced store owners looking for new apps to better run their businesses. By listing your apps in Zoey’s App Store, you can effectively reach this captive audience.

Our Team is Here For You

We know what it’s like to work with platforms that offer little reliable documentation and an absence of support. So, we’re doing the opposite. As a Zoey partner, you get:

  • Access to our Developer Toolkit, which includes thorough written documentation.
  • Support from our product team through a ticketing system and dedicated Slack channel.
  • A Zoey Partner Manager who will advocate for your needs to our team.
  • See all the benefits you get as a Zoey partner.

If you have a question or need something from us, we’re here to deliver it, because we want to make you as successful as possible on Zoey.

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