An Alternative to Open Source That Doesn’t Skimp on Power

Complete Smaller Projects More Profitably

Zoey partners have been able, on average, to complete projects 4x faster with 25% higher margins than when they build on open source solutions. This allows these agencies to take on projects they would otherwise turn away due to a lack of budget.

Since Zoey doesn’t require coding to create a site, many projects can be completed by a single junior designer. This allows you to work on more projects at once without scaling up your team, increasing revenue at no additional cost to you.

You Can Do Even More With Custom Code

Our Developer Toolkit allows you to write custom apps that bridge the gap between the limitations of SaaS and the customizability of open source. You can also code custom themes, blocks and design customizations to really push Zoey’s limits.

This ability to extend Zoey’s already rich capabilities allows Zoey to handle a wide variety of clients, from small business to enterprise without the headaches and hassle of traditional open source.

Clients Have an Easier Time Managing Sites

Open source platforms make it too difficult for merchants to manage their stores themselves. This places an unfair burden on you:

  • Merchants are mad their site is hard to use,
  • They don’t understand why things break or
  • That hate haveing to pay you to do simple maintenance

To solve this challenge, Zoey includes tools like Zoey CMS, our drag & drop Visual Design Editor and seamless updates that empower merchants to do more on their own, freeing you up to focus on larger projects or working on ROI-generating activity with your clients.

A Flexible Program to Help You Grow

As an ecommerce development agency with strong technical skills, you have many different ways at your disposal to earn revenue from Zoey merchants in addition to project fees:

  • Earn a 20% revenue share on the selected Zoey plan for every site you build or merchant you refer to Zoey for the lifetime of that merchant
  • Sell themes and/or blocks in our Design store
  • Code apps that add functionality to Zoey and sell them in our app store

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