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Zoey is the first ecommerce platform that allows marketers to build ecommerce sites from start to finish without writing code or dealing with complex technical configurations. Instead of referring ecommerce projects away to other businesses, or working alongside third-party development partners, you can own the project yourself.

We currently have marketing partners earning $5,000 – $15,000 for just a few weeks of work designing and setting up stores for merchants. These projects are the perfect entry point for marketing retainers that give your agency a consistent revenue source.

Build Better Client Relationships

Every time you work with a third-party development partner, you’re giving up some control over a project’s final form. That could mean design compromises, missed deadlines or worse, a site that doesn’t meet client expectations.

By giving you a tool that allows you to create advanced ecommerce sites without a developer, Zoey puts you in control of the project from start to finish, setting the stage for strong and lasting client relationships.

A More Efficient Approach to Development

Zoey’s rich features and advanced capabilities allow it to serve everyone from startups to advanced wholesale businesses. This allows your team to master one platform instead of learning one tool for smaller clients and another for larger builds.

With less new technology to learn, your team is free to focus on creating engaging shopping experiences and launching marketing campaigns that help your clients improve key sales metrics.

Made With Marketing in Mind

Zoey is designed to help growing businesses grow faster than they can on other platforms. We deliver on that promise with a combination of built-in marketing features and pre-built integrations with tools marketers love like HubSpot, Infusionsoft and MailChimp. 

Many Ways to Make Ecommerce a Key Revenue Source

There are many ways that Zoey marketing partners can earn revenue from ecommerce clients:

  • Earn a 20% revenue share on their selected Zoey plan for the lifetime of each merchant you refer, whether you build the site for them or not, on top of any other revenues earned working with the client
  • Sell marketing services to Zoey merchants
  • Design themes and blocks to sell them in our Design Store

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