Sales Tools to Help You Effectively Sell Zoey to Merchants

Our Team is Part of Your Team

Your Zoey Partner Manager is there to provide consultation and guidance during the pre-sales process. He or she can join you on sales calls, review sales presentations, help you answer client questions and much more.

Zoey Video Overview

This video overview will help you explain the value of Zoey to potential clients. It covers the features that deliver the most value to merchants and answers many of the questions merchant frequently ask. Feel free to distribute it to potential clients as needed.

Zoey Sales Presentation

This presentation is a starting point for creating custom sales presentations for potential clients. It covers Zoey’s major features and benefits, while also positioning us against other platforms. You can also ask your Partner Manager for feedback on any custom sales presentations.

Webinars to Continue Your Ecommerce Education

As often as once a week we put on a webinar that introduces you to a new app or service that solves common challenges faced by merchants. This allows you to better communicate the value of the Zoey ecosystem to potential clients and position yourself as an industry expert.

In-Depth Written Tutorials

We offer detailed documentation that covers everything from creating products to performing common design tasks to help you master the Zoey platform and create amazing work for your clients.

Learn With Video Tutorials

We also offer a library of video tutorials if you prefer to learn that way. We publish videos weekly based on commonly asked questions from partners and merchants. 

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