Reduce Order Errors with Sales Quotes

Empower your sales team with quotes functionality that speeds sales completion times and improves accuracy.

Maximize your sales with a personal touch

Customer-centric solution

Salespeople can send quotes to customers for review, making it easy to manage new purchase recommendations through your Zoey website in real time.

Quicker sales results

Customers can approve quotes and quickly turn them into orders in just a few steps. Salespeople can more efficiently manage customer requests through the website.

Individualized service

Combined with Zoey’s other B2B capabilities, like Access Restrictions and Customer Groups, Sales Quotes allows for a much more customized experience for each of your customers.

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Quote building made easy

Customers can build quotes in a variety of ways based on their comfort level with eCommerce:

  • Guests to your site can build a quote, as well as registered customers, depending on your requirements as a merchant, including B2C-style “Add to Quote” buttons or the quick-add quote screen.
  • Salespeople can use the public quote builder on tablets to start building a quote for a prospective customer in real time through the quote building screen
  • As a merchant you can even build a quote on behalf of a customer that they can see online once processed

Manage quotes efficiently

Merchants are given powerful tools in the admin to process quotes and even help customers when they’re ready to purchase:

  • Customize pricing on products and shipping
  • Review pending quotes to see who has not responded
  • Send out reminders to ensure customers act on their quotes
  • Convert quotes to orders on behalf of customers

Make changes on the fly

Even after a quote is submitted for review, both you and your customers have maximum flexibility in managing the quote:

  • Customers can edit the quote with revised item requests, adjusted quantities, shipping information updates and more
  • Merchants can submit pricing for approval, update quotes on a customers’ behalf such as items and quantities, and more
  • Both you and your customer can leave comments for review
  • Customers can revise and re-submit a quote after getting back pricing if they need to make changes

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