ShipperHQ handles complex shipping scenarios with ease


Zoey and ShipperHQ seamlessly work together

With ShipperHQ, you can supercharge shipping options for your Zoey store; Zoey offers the most ShipperHQ features of any SaaS platform. Leverage dimensional shipping rates by adding information for each product including Palletization. Manage multi-origin shipping scenarios. Manage shipping group rules for various product-shipping scenarios. Offer LTL Freight including Accessorial support. Even create custom shipping quotes on orders built in the admin.

Amplify your business's success by linking ShipperHQ and Zoey

Dimensional shipping

Get more accurate shipping rates with dimensional shipping rules. Define your normal shipping sizes and ShipperHQ will help you identify the best option for each order.

Multi-origin & dropship

Assign your products to one or multiple origins, and define rules in ShipperHQ that determine if you send from the closest location, minimize number of shipments, or some other criteria.

LTL Freight

If you’re commonly shipping large items or in volume, LTL shipping support can be critical. ShipperHQ is able to support it, including live rate access and Accessorial support.

Ship on customer account

Some customers require the ability to ship on their own account. ShipperHQ has you covered:

  • Set up a carrier option that allows capture of information
  • Charge a handling fee, or a per-item shipping fee to cover costs
  • Upon order completion, merchants can see carrier information for setting up delivery

Shipping groups allow granular control

Shipping groups let you have different rules and shipping paths based on which group or groups are selected. This can allow for much more complex shipping logic including:

  • Different rules based on the size or weight of the product being delivered
  • Different rules based on local or parcel delivery
  • Surcharges on certain items based on group assignment
  • Destination restrictions – items in a certain group can’t be shipped to certain areas

Robust feature set

Because Zoey’s integration with ShipperHQ includes more features than any other SaaS platform, you have the flexibility of leveraging features such as:

  • Delivery date/time selection by the customer
  • In-store pick-up option for purchases made online
  • Address validation to reduce shipping errors

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