Subscribe Pro App Brings Subscriptions, Recurring Billing to Zoey


Zoey’s customers can now benefit from having a subscription and recurring billing program seamlessly integrated into their existing website.

Zoey this week launched a new integration with Subscribe Pro, providing subscription services and high-end eCommerce technology to merchants without enterprise budgets.

Subscribe Pro’s integration allows Zoey’s customers to add autoship, auto-replenishment and recurring billing features, completely integrated with their current store. Zoey’s mission has always been to make powerful tools more available to merchants of all sizes. Our new partnership with Subscribe Pro provides tools necessary to substantially increase customer lifecycle maximizing revenue growth and profitability.

Subscribe Pro makes integration seamless and customer service effortless with a suite of tools designed from the ground up to enhance the customer experience and increase conversion and retention.

sp-zoey-new-screen1.jpgSubscribe Pro offers analytics on a merchant’s subscriptions, providing insights as to what’s clicking with consumers.

The integration is the first of its kind on Zoey and will give merchants the ability to painlessly integrate subscription services into their existing e-commerce websites. Allowing Zoey customers the ability to significantly increase customer loyalty and overall lifetime value. Subscribe Pro is immediately available for installation from the Subscribe Pro Zoey App Store page.

“User experience is everything today,” says Garth Brantley, Founder, Subscribe Pro. “We have worked very hard to optimize the customer experience around subscriptions on the front-end of the website, but we also provide best-in-class tools to help your customer service team deliver optimal customer experience across the many other touchpoints.”

“Zoey’s customers have been seeking an affordable, easy-to-use subscription feature set for their stores. SubscribePro’s deep integration with Zoey means customers can take advantage of all of SubscribePro’s features, from recurring billing scenarios to saved credit card capabilities, provided by a company with a proven track record. SubscribePro is a powerful, flexible subscription solution, and we’re excited to bring their capabilities to the Zoey audience.” said Joshua O’Connell, VP of Partnerships at Zoey.

About Subscribe Pro

Subscribe Pro is a leading solution for subscription and recurring payment based ecommerce websites. Founded in 2014, with the sole purpose of developing an intuitive, customizable application dedicated to cultivating long-term customer relationships through subscription commerce, and providing the tools necessary to do so. Subscribe Pro, now in their third year, has already become the backbone for hundreds of successful online retailers.

Connect with Subscribe Pro on LinkedIn and Twitter.

About Zoey

Zoey combines the power and customization of an open source platform with the ease of use of a SaaS solution. With a drag-and-drop design editor, B2B/wholesale tools and flexible product management features, you’ll be up and running in no time with the most powerful features online! 14-day free trial available.

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