Zoey’s Developer Toolkit Delivers A No-Compromises Approach To Ecommerce Design

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Improved Design Capabilities For Developers and Merchants

You Decide What’s Possible

Designs are no longer limited to what can be built with Zoey’s drag & drop tools. You’re now free to create any design you want using code.

Empower Merchants While Protecting Your Vision

Refined content management tools simplify site updates for merchants, while allowing you to block larger design changes.

Develop With Familiar Tools

Run Zoey in a local environment and develop with familiar tools like SASS and JS. There are no proprietary languages for you to learn, unlike other platforms.

Use Code
To Do Even More

With the Developer Toolkit, you can now use code to create designs in Zoey. Here are just a few examples of what you can now do:

  • Style entire themes or individual components with SASS
  • Style non-drag & drop pages like the checkout and blog
  • Add global or page specific files and snippets to your client’s site with our Asset Manager

Build Custom Blocks
and Segments

You can also use code to build custom Segments and smaller design blocks for your clients. You’re not limited to what you can build or the number of components you create, giving you extreme flexibility and control over the final design.

Simplify Design
With Segments

Segments combine small design blocks into one group to help you design faster and easier than ever before. Example of Segments include:

  • A three column image gallery
  • A banner image with a text and button overlay
  • A group of social media icons

You can restrict edit access to a Segment so that the merchant can update the content but not change its structure, maintaining your design’s integrity.

Earn Money Selling Themes,
Or Build Bespoke

Designers and developers will be able to sell themes, and eventually Segments, in the Zoey marketplace, opening up a new revenue stream. You can also create a private theme that’s only available for one merchant.

Lock Down Your Design
With Zoey CMS

Zoey CMS is a powerful tool that helps you and your client in several key ways:

  • The client can update content with just a few clicks
  • Your design is edit-locked, preventing the client from making drastic changes
  • Settings from custom blocks are accessible in the CMS, merging the best of coding with drag & drop

The Zoey CMS empowers your client to do more, while giving you the confidence that they’ll always have an up-to-date site.

Run Zoey Locally

Zoey’s Developer Toolkit gives designers a local development environment they can use to create and test designs to ensure they’re bug-free before handing them to clients. We’ll continue to enhance this tool to ensure you have everything you need to create amazing designs on Zoey.

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