3 Benefits of a Blog for Your Business

Today’s guest post is contributed by Zoey Agency Partner the Pay at Home Parent.

In the business world, “survival of the fittest” isn’t just an idea: it’s a reality. Organizations are constantly looking to better their business by coming up with ideas that are better than the competition’s, or by offering their customers the latest new and exciting products. Every year, these businesses spend thousands of dollars on advertising campaigns, new product development and customer research. But what if there was another way to increase sales? More importantly, what if this method was free?

There is a solution to this problem: Your business needs to start a company blog.

When most people think of the word “blog,” many misconceptions also come to mind. They envision a person dressed in sweats and a T-shirt writing about some pointless topic in a coffee shop. But in reality, there are many benefits to a blog. Blogging is an easy and effective way of attracting customers and building brand loyalty.

Here are three reasons your company should start blogging.

Blogs Build Trust

Let’s be honest: Before you make a large purchase, you first get advice from those you trust. When your car breaks down, you turn to a friend or family member to find out what is wrong, and ask for referrals for a trustworthy mechanic. When your kids are acting up, you ask advice from other parents as to the best course of action to take. The same concept also applies to your blog. When your customers see that solid information about a particular subject is consistently available on your blog, they will gradually begin to trust that you know what you are doing. It is important for you to develop useful blog posts about recent trends, current developments and other important information that your customers won’t get by simply browsing the aisles of your brick and mortar business. Developing a trustworthy and informative blog will demonstrate to them that you are the expert they should be buying from.

Blogs Tell the Inside Story

Customers are inundated with advertisements and marketing on a daily basis. A blog will break through the incessant noise to give customers truly useful information about your business. When did you start your company? What are the personal stories of the people who work for you? How do your customers utilize your products? These are just a few topics that can peel back the impersonal façade to tell your story and explain the inner workings of your operation.

Blogs Attract New Customers & Clients

Think of a blog as a type of “word of mouth.” When you provide your customers with more details about your business or the current trends in your industry, they in turn will share that information with others. This idea goes beyond the typical review of your latest product. Your blog will be a source of information for new customers, and will introduce them to your business as a trusted provider.

Regardless of your product or service, a company blog will further your reach to both new and existing customers. Take the step today and share your story.

If you don’t have time to maintain a blog, or need some help getting started, the Pay at Home Parent is here for your blogging needs!

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