3 Zoey Apps to Create a Better Customer Experience


By default, your Zoey site is set up pretty well to provide a great B2B customer experience. But by incorporating a few of Zoey’s apps, you could boost your online store’s customer support and sales. We wanted to highlight a couple of innovative apps that not only improve your site, but are incredibly easy to set up.


JotForm offers the easiest method for creating online forms for your Zoey site. Their drag-and-drop form builder has powered literally millions of forms since 2006. But their brand new feature, JotForm Cards, is a style of online form that changes how your customers will interact with forms. JotForm Cards questions are asked one at a time in a style that significantly improves focus and usability.

You can seamlessly add a new JotForm Cards form to your site like you would any other form with Zoey’s JotForm block, which also supported by Zoey’s newly upgraded Visual Design Editor. And the improved form experience will lead to more data collected for your business.


Olark‘s live chat tool gives your customers an immediate touch point when they have questions or concerns. It bills itself as the world’s simplest live chat software — and it truly is. And its impact on sales can’t be understated either. When your potential customers get their questions answered promptly and accurately, they’re more likely to buy and become returning customers.

What’s great about Olark is that it also integrates with major CRMs, making it easy to follow up on your customer interactions.


Asking customers to give feedback actually enhances their experience — and no company knows this better than Yotpo. When your customers are asked for their opinions, it makes them feel valued and heard. Yotpo is a terrific way to generate more reviews for your store, with emails that send directly to your customer, which they can fill in right in their inbox. Best of all, this installation only takes five minutes to get up and running on your Zoey site.

These are just a few of the many apps available in Zoey’s app store. Apps are easy to use and install, and you’re able to get new capabilities running on your Zoey site in short order.

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