Top 5 “Low-Hanging Fruit” Tips to Increase Sales on Your Ecommerce Site

Increase Sales on Your Ecommerce Site

Congratulations! Your eCommerce business is taking off. The site looks great, its layout is user-friendly (and you finally understand what that means), and BEST of all, sales are up! Time to kick back and relax with this whole “online SEO stuff” for a while, right? Well… 

There is this whole matter of organic search engine rankings, because yes, organic is good for you online too. Maybe you’re privy to it already, maybe you’re not. The gist is, you want to show higher up on search engine results than your competitors. 

Higher organic search rankings = a higher likelihood that someone clicks on you versus your competitor = more opportunities to make the sale. Now we have your attention. 

There’s tons of ways to accomplish this. Right now, we are focusing on what we in the SEO biz call low-hanging fruit. Though smaller and less sweet than their higher hanging counterparts, reaping the benefit is much faster and easier to come by. 

But enough metaphorical organic fruit talk. We want to identify quick site fixes you can make that will give you  an edge over the other guys.  Check out our top 5 low-hanging fruit tips to increase sales on your eCommerce site: 

Get Linked 

Get other websites to link back to yours! With the way Google’s algorithm works, having these links further establishes your site as high in quality – and consequentially ranks you higher. Start by reaching out to bloggers in your industry! (A quick word from the wise: don’t confuse quantity with quality link backs. Google is smart and can tell what’s authentic.) 

Cool tool: Use the Google Webmaster Tool to check out how many links your eCommerce site currently has! 

Update Long, Ugly, and Unreadable URLs$E&E=whats_this_site_about??_nobody_knows

We’ve all seen website pages like these – just make sure it wasn’t while visiting your own! The ideal URL is concise and descriptive, with words separated by hyphens for easy readability. Shorter URLs (100 character or less) look better on a search results page, are easier to share, and are viewed as a more authoritative in Google’s eyes. 

Cool tool:  Use the Google URL Shortener to shorten and track your web page’s URLs! 

Optimize Your Title Tags 

Your eCommerce site’s title tags (the clickable blue text on search engine results) are among the first pieces of information users see once their search results load. Consider it your opening line for the sale – whether it’s women’s apparel or comic books. For best practice and quality clickthrough rates; choose your keywords wisely, remain concise, and create unique tags for each sub category of your site. 

Cool tool: Use the Moz Title Tag Preview Tool to see how your title tag would look to users! 

Make Characters Count on Page Meta Descriptions

Though meta descriptions don’t play directly into your website’s search ranking per se, it is useful for elaborating on the title tag. Meta descriptions help potential visitors exactly what the page they’re about to click on is all about and what they can expect to find. It’s important to note that these should be full sentences and not just keywords. Descriptions that are truncated, duplicated, or missing all together are worth fixing! 

Cool tool: Download the MozBar to see what your meta descriptions currently look like and how many characters they are. 

Choose Your Keywords Wisely

Even a single letter can make a difference on online search volume. A quick example of this is that “organic fruit” gets 720 more monthly searches on Google than “organic fruits”. Then there are the longer-tailed keywords, such as “Organic low hanging fruit”. They get less overall search volume than short-tail keywords, but the chances of them being exactly what the user is looking for when they are searched is much greater. 

Cool tool: Play around with Google’s Keyword Planner to plan your keywords! 

Contact Zoey today to check these, and other factors, off your to do list! 

About the Author

Elizabeth Lefelstein is an SEO Specialist at Wpromote, “The Commerce Agency.” Based out of the Los Angeles-area, Wpromote is a leading online marketing firm that helps clients dominate the top of Google’s search results, get a bigger return on ad spend, and outpace their competition. The Wpromote team has found the perfect intersection of technology and human expertise that is used to drive strategy and exceed client expectations.

 Wpromote is a Zoey partner. You can learn more about and contact Wpromote here.  


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