User Management Role Added to Staff Account Permissions

Recently we shared with you a change we made to expand billing permissions to staff accounts. Thanks to feedback we received, we have further expanded staff accounts further to allow for user management, which covers our Staff Accounts management tools.

Previously, only account owners were able to manage Staff Accounts and the permissions they received. With our latest update, you can now grant access to other staff accounts to allow them to manage to those controls. Here’s the key takeaways from this change:

  • As with other Staff Account permissions, the setting can be found under My Account -> Account Manager -> Staff Accounts. Different permutations of the settings allow for this to be granted on its own, or in combination with our new billing permissions for full-access staff accounts.

    user-management-full access
  • Only staff accounts with full access can be granted this capability. Unlike the billing role, you can not add a specific User Management role to limited staff accounts.
  • To avoid issues, the Account Owner role cannot be reassigned by a staff account with these new permissions. Only an Account Owner can pass control of the account to someone else.
  • Staff Accounts with this permission will be able to add a staff account, edit access for existing staff accounts, or delete staff accounts. Please note that staff accounts created above and beyond the number included in a particular plan is subject to an additional monthly charge.
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