VIDEO DEMO: Zoey Product Types and B2B Features

Zoey’s been in existence for nearly five years now, and from day one we’ve been building and evolving our solution to incorporate capabilities and features that our customers and potential customers have asked for. But that means Zoey can do a lot, and it can be a bit overwhelming to get to know everything we have to offer.

In that spirit, to help those who are looking to learn more about Zoey, we have launched a new video series which will be a visual walkthrough of various parts of Zoey’s capabilities. Our first section focuses in on product types in Zoey, how each of them work, and the B2B features that are available to make the products work with Zoey’s other wholesale and B2B capabilities.

The 10-minute video can be seen below, as well as on our YouTube channel.

Zoey also offers customized walkthroughs of the platform if you’re looking to review certain features are available, or confirm Zoey can handle the requirements of your business. To request a walkthrough, click the button below and fill out the form:

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