Video Tutorial: Your Guide to Ecommerce Product Types

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Choosing the right product types is one of the most important parts of setting up your store, whether you’re using Zoey or another platform. Just to be clear, we’re not talking about deciding between selling shoes or art supplies. Rather, we’re referring to simple products versus downloadable products versus configurable products.

We’ve written about choosing the right product types in the past, but the topic can get a little complex and be hard to wrap your head around. So, we put together a video tutorial walking you through the process with examples from real online stores.

An eCommerce platform’s product catalog capabilities are one of the first areas where a merchant can run into limitations. For example, you may want to sell 150 variations of a product, but your platform only supports 100 variations per product. Or you wanted to execute a more sophisticated merchandising strategy, but your platform doesn’t give you much control over how products are displayed or arranged on a category page. These are challenges that we hear from merchants all the time.

Zoey is the solution to these challenges. We’re built to handle complex product catalogs and support sophisticated merchandising strategies. If you’re running into these limitations, I encourage you to learn how Zoey can help by starting a 14-day free trial or by contacting one of our sales engineers.

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