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Modern Technology

Volusion launched 17 years ago. A great achievement, but their platform hasn’t kept pace with new developments in technology or eCommerce.

Code-Free Design

Zoey’s drag & drop design tools let you customize your design without writing code. Volusion still relies on developers for design customizations.

Fixed Pricing

Volusion charges extra fees on top of their monthly price, but doesn’t make this known to their customers. Zoey pricing is fixed and that won’t change.

Built to help modern businesses grow

Volusion launched 17 years ago. They were a pioneer in eCommerce, but their platform hasn’t kept up with the latest advancements in design, SEO, hosting and much more.

Zoey is modern platform backed by decades of eCommerce and technology experience. We use the latest technologies to develop powerful features that help modern businesses scale to new heights.

Zoey helps you rank higher in search

Volusion’s outdated technology doesn’t conform to modern SEO standards, keeping shoppers off your site. Zoey exceeds modern SEO standards, earning you far more traffic and sales than you’ll get with Volusion.

Zoey helps you sell more to mobile shoppers

Unless you pay at least $900, your Volusion site will look horrible on mobile devices. In 2016, that means a lot of lost revenue.

Every Zoey design is automatically mobile-friendly so you can give customers a great shopping experience, no matter their device.

Zoey doesn’t charge hidden fees

Volusions punishes successful merchants by charging extra fees for bandwidth. The more traffic, the more you pay.

Zoey lets you keep more of your hard-earned money. We’ll never charge you for bandwidth, transactions or storage.


"Zoey's implementation of eCommerce is without a doubt the best, most user-friendly version we have found."

- Kent Curley

"Zoey allows us to focus our efforts on building our business and growing sales rather than spending all of our time tweaking our online store."

- Rich Ziolkowski

"If you want to take your business to the next level, I highly recommend Zoey - a powerful tool for your success!"

- Alex Arbuzov

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