Frustrated With Volusion? Zoey is the Solution.

Why Merchants Love Zoey

Salthouse Market

“With Zoey we were able to get a custom designed ecommerce site for thousands less than we would on another platform.”

100x Helmets

If you’re looking to start an online store, but don’t have a developer or don’t want to hire one, it’s hard to beat Zoey.

Autosport Originals

“Zoey allows us to focus on growing our business and sales rather than wasting time tweaking our store.”

Built For Modern Businesses

Unlike Volusion, which was founded almost 20 years ago, Zoey is built with the latest technologies and features merchants need to compete in the fast-paced world of ecommerce.

In fact, on average Zoey merchants sell 2x more than Volusion merchants, because of the tools we give them. If your sales growth has slowed, it’s time to consider Zoey.

Fewer Limits Leads to More Growth

Are you feeling limited by Volusion? Can’t sell internationally? Want more control over how your catalog is built? Need greater insight into the health of your business?

Zoey gives you these capabilities and many more so you’re never limited by technology and instead empowered by it.

Key Reasons to Switch to Zoey from Volusion

More Power

Zoey uses cutting-edge features and modern technology to support the needs of today’s advanced ecommerce businesses.

Code-Free Design

Zoey’s drag & drop design tools let you customize your design without writing code, relying on themes or hiring a developer.

More Apps

Zoey’s rich app ecosystem gives you access to the powerful tools that are essential to growing your business and running it efficiently.

Design Without Code

Sick of hiring developers every time you want to update your site or relying on a cookie-cutter design them? Zoey’s Visual Design Editor gives you drag & drop tools that allow you to completely customize your site’s design without writing any code.

This can save you hours and thousands of dollars each year, which you can reinvest into growing sales. It also allows you to be more agile and take advantage of emerging trends to drive sales for your business.

Rich App Ecosystem

Today’s an ecommerce platform is more than just a way to sell online, it’s the hub of your business and should seamlessly integrate with the tools and apps you’re already using or want to in the future.

By moving to Zoey, you will be tapping into a rich app ecosystem that can help you do anything from connect with powerful marketing platforms to integrate an inventory management platform with your business operations.

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