Webinar Recording: Getting Your Store in Ship-Shape Condition

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Shipping can be one of the more complicated parts of a business. Are you giving your customers multiple shipping options? Delivery or pick-up options? Choose your date? What about free shipping over a certain amount?

Not only can having the right shipping options be critical for achieving your business goals, but customers have growing expectations of shipping offers as a result of services like Amazon Prime raising the bar for everyone.

So we turned to Daniel Ziegler, of Zoey partner ShipperHQ, to present some information about what’s possible and what customers expect nowadays, and talked about it on during a recent merchant webinar. ShipperHQ heavily extends Zoey through an app on our store that offers more features than any other SaaS platform. During webinar we reviewed:

  • Increasing conversion/decreasing cart abandonment
  • Eliminating unexpected undercharges
  • Presenting customers with additional options & promotions

Check out the webinar to learn about these topics and how to properly leverage them to maximize your sales:

Zoey hosts merchant webinars regularly; to see what’s coming up on our calendar, visit our Merchant Webinars page, where you can also register for the upcoming webinars and see a complete list of our previous webinars, complete with recordings and downloadable copies of the presentation.

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