Webinar Recording: Optimizing Checkout Can Pay Off

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There are steps a merchant can take to optimize the checkout process once a customer has reached the point where they’re ready to buy.

Mobile conversion rates continue to lag behind their desktop counterparts, and if you’re a smaller merchant, you’ve got the natural concern many potential customers may feel about entering their credit card in an unknown site. There are therefore a number of steps merchants can take to improve their chances for conversion, making it a win-win for customers and merchants alike.

Our second holiday preparation webinar was led by Rob Long, of Zoey partner PayPal, who focuses in on some of those best practices, and also provides some helpful data that can guide merchants as to the areas to be looking. During the webinar we covered:

  • PayPal’s latest data about optimizing checkout for mobile and web
  • How, when and why to leverage alternative payment methods
  • A checklist of quick changes you can implement today to increase conversions before the holidays.

Many of the suggestions can be implemented relatively quickly on Zoey, so merchants are well served to consider some of the tips offered in the below webinar:

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