WEBINAR RECORDING: Boosting B2B and Wholesale Sales With Net Terms


For all merchants, having the ability to buy now and pay later is a standard expectation that requires navifation For B2C customers, that takes the shape of a credit charge that they can pay when the bill arrives or some sort of financing offer. For B2B purchases it takes the shape of invoicing and a Net Terms arrangement.

The challenge with terms for B2B purchases is that you’re financing the purchase, effectively, without true insight as to when you’ll get paid. If you’re bookkeeper’s out, or a customer just doesn’t pay on time, you’re left wondering when the cash will arrive. And B2B purchases are traditionally larger, meaning more cash tied up in that order while you wait.

Fortunately, there are solutions out there that can help. In this webinar with Rumbleship, we take a look at how Net Terms can assist with sales, but also how they can be financed, providing more predictable cashflow and taking the pressure off your business to collect the payments. You can watch the webinar below:

Our webinar with Rumbleship is the latest in a series of over 20 Merchant Webinars we’ve produced to help merchants save money, sell more or become more efficient. Check out the entire line-up, as well as upcoming recordings, here:

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