WEBINAR RECORDING: A Deeper Dive into Glew Analytics


Data captured from your eCommerce business is the not-so-secret sauce of learning how to expand and amplify your sales. However, having the right tools to analyze and find the right insights is a critical component to success.

Thankfully, Zoey offers Glew Analytics, and in our recent webinar, we took a deeper dive both into the Glew analytics platform itself, and various ways to leverage segmentation and reporting to slice and dice the data in helpful ways.

If you missed part one of our webinar series on Glew, you can click here to watch our earlier session, where we took an initial look at the Glew platform and how to leverage it for success.

The Glew webinars are entries in our long-running Merchant Webinar series, where we present topics to help merchants grow their revenue, save on expenses, or become more efficient. Click the button below to see a list of our previous and upcoming presentations:

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