Webinar Recording: SEO Tips with Rand Marketing


Once you’ve launched your online store, it can feel like a relief – you’ve finally unveiled your store to the world! But in reality, launching your store is just step one of the process. Now you have to be seen, and generate sales. There are a number of ways to do this, from advertising, to partnerships with other sites, to contacting those who have signed up for your mailing list. But one of the most important aspects revolves around search engine optimization, or SEO.

We’ve talked a bit about SEO here on the blog previously, but the reality is SEO is a constantly evolving art that involves thinking about a variety of different aspects of your online presence. For many smaller merchants, it can feel overwhelming.

Thankfully, there’s a lot of knowledge out there that you can leverage to get it right. One of our Zoey agency partners, Rand Marketing, excels in providing tips and solutions for website SEO, along with other aspects of online marketing. In a recent merchant webinar, CEO Seth Rand shared information on the types of avenues that merchants should be considering when thinking about SEO:

Rand Marketing is offering a free assessment and no-obligation consultation for Zoey clients. They will review your website and online presence, including site loading time, backlinks, potential duplicate content, SEO, Social Media, and much more.

Rand Marketing will share their findings, and based on the information gathered, they will then share their recommendations for fixing any issues. Email Rand Marketing to request a consultation.

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