WEBINAR RECORDING: Using Content Marketing to Target New B2B Customers

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Many businesses reach the finish line of building a web store and breathe a sigh of relief. The site is done – we can finally relax! Except the reality is your store launch is day 0, and now the work to bring in customers begins.

There are various ways to draw customers in, but content marketing is an increasingly respected and important technique to draw in customers. Content marketing can take on many forms, and so navigating what makes sense to invest time in, especially when resources are limited, can be a challenge to decide.

Companies like Zoey partner Hawke Media navigate this space daily on behalf of merchants, and as such they’ve developed successful strategies for a variety of companies working online. In our recent webinar, they share data around what content marketing strategies businesses are favoring, what is proving most successful, and things a business should think about.

Our webinar with Hawke Media is the latest in a series of over 20 Merchant Webinars we’ve produced to help merchants save money, sell more or become more efficient. Check out the entire line-up, as well as upcoming recordings, here:

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