Wholesale App: How Salespeople Can Leverage a Mobile Solution

Salespeople work in a variety of environments. They can work in the office, out in the field with customers, or even remotely from home. Regardless of location, they’ll need to close sales and assist their buyers seamlessly. They already have a lot to worry about, so why make the actual sale more difficult to capture? A Wholesale App is the perfect approach.

Your salespeople carry their phone with them already; make it even more powerful with a Sales Rep App. Whether looking up information or recording sales, not only does it streamline information, it ensures less mistakes.

Let’s look at the various scenarios salespeople encounter, and discuss how a Wholesale App can improve the situation.

Selling Out in the Field

Many salespeople visit their customers and work with them to place new orders. A mobile sales app is perfect for this scenario. Salespeople can replace laptops or pen and paper with a phone or tablet. A customer’s specific pricing can be reviewed and orders can be recorded.

If a salesperson needs authorization captured before an order, they can create a Sales Quote and submit to the customer for their approval, or capture a signature on site through the app.

An app makes the process quick and easy, without requiring manual data entry after the visit. All information is accessible in the palm of their hand. If you’re selling product that you have on you, a barcode scanning capability can make building an order even easier.

At Conventions or Conferences

Similar to traveling in the field, conferences and conventions put face time at a premium. People tend to be walking around convention centers, meeting rooms and so on so having easy access to information is helpful.

For times like this, a mobile app with an offline capability becomes a must. Internet can be shaky when there’s so many people in one place at a time. With an offline mode, information such as product and customer data is cached. Orders recorded can by sync’d back when Internet is more reliable again. Being disconnected doesn’t have to stop the ability to sell.

At the Office or Home Office

While it may seem appropriate to leverage a desktop or laptop computer in the office, a wholesale app can also facilitate in-office sales. Take Milkhouse Candle Co., which uses the app to speed up the capture of orders by their sales team:

“When a customer calls, the sales team would have an iPad open on behalf of the customer, as fast as they could rattle it off, and put the order in the system. As the customer hangs up, they get an email of the order.”

Eric Sparrow, President, Milkhouse Candle Co.

Meanwhile, the sales reps can use their computer to look up other information, or have customer details on screen. Being able to leverage technology to its best potential will improve your sales team’s ability to sell.

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