GDPR Management


With the new GDPR laws in the European Union now in effect, the Zoey GDPR Management app provides you with tools to be able to handle GDPR requests for customers. With a robust feature set that provides clear settings for deleting customer data and setting retention periods, you’ll have tools at your disposal to manage customer data.

Please note that the app in and of itself doesn’t make you GDPR compliant; we encourage all Zoey merchants to do the appropriate homework to ensure they’re in compliance with the law.


Delete My Account – Right To Be Forgotten

  • Allows logged in customers to delete their account from inside the My Account screen
  • Deleting Account will:
    • Delete the customer record and all associated customer attribute data
    • Remove the customer’s email address from the newsletter subscription list
    • Anonymize all Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Credit Memos or other records tied to this customer.
  • A button is added by the app to the Customer screen in the admin area allowing staff to delete an account
  • Allow staff to choose to send a confirmation email to customers with the link to delete their account
  • When deleting a customer it will anonymize any guest Data with the same email address
  • Staff members with access can also enter an email address to anonymize all data associated with that email

Data Export – Right to Access and Right of Portability

  • Allow Staff Accounts to export all customer data manually for a given customer. This meets the requirement of “right to access” and “right of portability” as under GDPR individuals will have full rights to ask for a complete set of their personal data on your website.
  • Personal data includes:
    • Customer Record and all customer attribute data
    • All Quotes, Orders, Invoices, Shipments, Credit Memos or other records tied to this customer
  • The Account Owner can also enter an email address to export all data associated with that email.
  • When exporting a customer’s data it will search for and export any guest data with the same email address.

Data Retention Period

  • Allows Account Owners to specify a “Data Retention Period” (in days)
  • Allow admin to manually anonymize data older than the retention period
  • Any records older than the Retention Period will be anonymized daily

Subscription Timestamp

  • Set “subscription date” with all newsletter subscription including Opt-in Timestamp. GDPR requires having information about who opted in and when with specific date and time

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