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A Mobile App For Sales Reps, Delivery Drivers and Customers

The Zoey Mobile App enables sales teams, delivery drivers and customers to stay connected in real-time. Offline mode allows your users to take orders anytime and anywhere. Our B2B Sales Tool app is perfect for Sales Teams on the road, Drivers fulfilling and invoicing orders, or your customers that need an easy option for scanning in or quick-entering sales orders.

Maximize Sales On-the-Go with the Zoey App:

  • Optimized for Tradeshow Sales

  • Barcode Scanning for Quick Ordering

  • Realtime Sales CRM Access

  • Invoice, Deliver and take Payments

  • Offline Support

Try it Now on your iPhone or iPad

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Order Management Anywhere

Your Sales Reps, Customer Service or Delivery Drivers can have access to all information about the orders they’re managing. The Zoey Mobile App empowers them to update shipping or delivery status, create or send invoices and take payments. All built on a permission system that lets you control what your team can or can not do.

Sales On-The-Go

Whether at a tradeshow, on the sales floor, in person or remote, your sales team can onboard new leads, share sales quotes or order drafts, lookup customer order history, write new orders and take payments from their mobile/tablet device. Everything syncs back in real time, or saves changes in offline mode to sync later.

Write Orders with Speed & Accuracy

The Zoey mobile app works with any compatible Bluetooth barcode scanner or 10-Key for building large orders on location or in the warehouse. Users can also access pre-built Order Templates, custom catalogs, order history and re-order features to make writing orders fast and error-proof.

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