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B2B Platform Integrations

Zoey integrates to the key systems that run your business, ensuring your data can be accessed in the right ways, at the right times.

Back Office Integrations

Zoey has pre-built connections with leading ERP and Account softwares to automate your business workflows, including Sales Order management, Invoicing & Accounts Receivable, Inventory & Fulfillment, and more!

Don’t see your back office software?

Integrate any system with the Zoey Data Mapper or REST API!

Shipping / Fulfillment / Inventory Integrations

Zoey integrates with partners to support B2B Inventory and Fulfillment complexities unlike any other Ecommerce platform. Easily handle LTL/Freight, Local Delivery, Multi-Location Inventory, Invoicing Final Shipping Costs, and  Communicating Shipping/Tracking with your customers.

Don’t see your Warehouse/Fulfillment Management System here?

Data Mapper & API can automate everything! 

Payment Processing & Tax

Integrate ANY SYSTEM with the Zoey Data Mapper or REST API!

Data Mapper

A no-code solution for integrating 3rd party software.

Our Data Mapper enables you to automate the two-way synchronization of products, inventory, prices, customers, orders, invoices, shipping, tracking, & more!

Rest API

Our REST API exposes methods to read/write Customer, Product, Inventory and Order data.

Additional Apps & Integrations


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