Trust Guard


Trust Guard is a global leader in PCI compliance and website security, with thousands of satisfied clients. With over a decade of award-winning service and experience, we supply intensive penetration testing services to small businesses as well as global enterprise networks that handle millions of annual transactions.

Trust Guard is considered the #1 most trusted cyber security service provider online.  In conjunction with our partners, we are a Certified PCI ASV and PCI Compliant service provider. We continually strive to expand and enhance our security solutions to meet the ever-evolving threats and risks present in today’s enterprise environments.

Our authorized scanning vendor (ASV) partners perform intrusive tests, identifying vulnerabilities and offering detailed recommendations to keep websites safe while protecting online shoppers’ personal information too.

Also of note is the effective, valuable nature of our trust seals. Extensive third-party tests have proven that Trust Guard’s Security Scanned seal provides website owners with a higher boost in conversion rates than any of our competitor’s seals. When this powerful digital image is placed on a website, it increases that site’s sales by an average of 15%. That’s because shoppers visiting their site feel safer and more confident when making online buying decisions.


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