Zoey VS Shopify

Upgrade From Shopify

See how Zoey gives you a more complete solution for B2B Ecommerce.

5 Reasons B2B Sellers Prefer Zoey Over Shopify

  • Built for B2B From the Ground Up

  • Say Goodbye to Third-Party Apps

  • One Place for Support

  • Mobile Tools for Salespeople

  • We Empower Your Entire Team

Built for B2B From the Ground Up

Zoey is designed to help you from catalog creation through order processing:

  • Upload and maintain your catalog and list of Customers/Accounts
  • Segment Customers and Products into Groups
  • Assign each Group their own catalog, pricing and design
  • Build Drafts, Sales Quotes and Orders
  • Receive, view and fulfill orders

Simplify & Automate Your Business Today!

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