Available for iOS/iPad

Zoey’s mobile sales rep app is designed to let your salespeople work anytime, anywhere on any device. Zoey has developed a version for iOS and iPad, so no matter which device they’re using, they’ll have access to communicate with their Zoey store.

To download and demo the iOS app, click here!

Offline Support

Zoey’s mobile app does not require an Internet connection to operate. Simply sign in to your staff account while in an area with Internet, and it will cache all critical data to use while in places with challenging or no connection, such as conferences.

Key data, such as product and customer information and the ability to place an order, are fully supported while in offline mode.

Zoey’s app is designed for your team to be able to work in the field, whether at customer locations, major conferences, etc., and still be able to capture sales.

Review Product Info

See relevant product information, including product images, within the app, so your buyer can be sure it’s what they’re looking for. The app will respect product settings such as required quantity purchase increments, so you won’t sell an incorrect amount of an item.

Product data is easily synced with your Zoey store whenever Internet is available, so you can pull down the latest product information.

A number of filtering and sorting scenarios are available to make it easy to search for what you’re looking for quickly and efficiently.

Customer Specific Data

Since all of your customers are downloaded, their pricing is also stored based on their Customer Group assignment, meaning you can also properly price an order while on site.

Updates are pulled whenever you sync the app, to ensure you’ve got the latest customer-specific information available in your app.

Create Orders

Salespeople can leverage the mobile app to capture orders while on the go, no matter where you are. Easily look up product and customer information, and build an order on the fly, while on site. 

Orders created in offline mode can be easily synced when you have an Internet connection, pushing those orders to your Zoey store.

You can also create draft orders on the app for completion later, for those times when an order gets started but needs more information to be completed.

Generate Sales Quotes

You can create a Sales Quote for accounts who may need to review and approve an order’s structure and final cost before completing the order.

A Sales Quote is built to show the items and cost, and a buyer can review, approve the quote and turn it into an order instantly! Or they can request edits or ask questions if they’re not sure.

Learn more about our Sales Quotes features.

Drafts for Later

Zoey offers the ability to create Drafts, which is the option to save an incomplete Order or Quote for completion later. The Zoey App can see Drafts created by customers on the Zoey Web and your team in the Zoey Admin, and vice versa.

Drafts can be converted to either a Quote or an Order. Drafts can also be saved to be used as a template for recurring Orders that are similar in scope, saving time vs. starting an Order from scratch. Drafts can also be named for easier identification of what each Draft is set up to be.

Sync Information

If you do not have a good internet connection, you can sync up when you get back into a good service area, sending the orders creates while offline to your Zoey store and downloading the latest catalog and customer updates.

This syncing model allows you to use the app wherever you are, without restrictions or limitations on the information available.

The smart syncing capabilities picks up where your last sync left off, and can sync information like cart histories, attributes that are shared with mobile users, and new Accounts and Customers created.

Accept Credit Card Payments

StripeWhen online, you can accept payments for orders via credit card using Stripe. Payments can be also made with saved credit cards assigned to the specific Customer placing an order, and coming soon to the entire Account.

Accept payments instantly, while on site, instead of having to wait for payment of an invoice!

Manage Your Team and Roles

The Zoey App allows for management of those who have access to the app, and what Roles they can be assigned. A Role is granted specific permissions based on the user type, which allows for information silos to keep those who don’t need access out while allowing those who require it to be able to see it.

The Zoey App allows for selecting among Roles that are already created; new Role types and the permissions they’re granted can be set up in the Zoey Admin.

Barcode Scanning

Build orders and check inventory with a built-in barcode scanning capability. Make it easy to create orders when the products are in hand, or from a barcode list that you make available to your sales team. See how much stock you have in real time as well.