Custom Product Pricing

Sales quotes can be built with custom product pricing based on the information collected for the order. If a customer qualifies for a price break, or a salesperson needs to discount an order in order to close the sale, the price can be overrode on an individual quote to provide custom pricing.

Controls can be set to limit who can change pricing, to limit and restrict how often such changes occur.

Convert to Order

Once a sales quote has been built by a salesperson, an account can review and, if acceptable, instantly convert the quote to an order and complete the transaction. This reduces paperwork, phone calls and emails to get an order completed and resolved, leveraging an existing order framework to also capture quotes.

Email Notifications

You can have communications with your buyers and alert them when their quote is ready for review, including revisions when required, to be able to quickly and efficiently get a purchase from a sales quote to a completed order. Communications can be managed through the same systems as sales quotes and orders to ensure all information is stored in the same system. Comments and conversations can be logged and tracked on sales quotes, as well as orders.

Custom Shipping Quotes

Along with custom product pricing, shipping can be quoted as a custom rate based on what’s required to ship the products, especially if an external quote needs to be sourced based on order size. Pricing can also get adjusted if shipping is part of a promotional offer, unique to a given sales quote.