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Increase sales with a user-friendly shopping experience that simplifies your business's online ordering, inventory, and shipping process.
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Simplify your eCommerce Fulfillment Process



Zoey’s CRM manages your sales leads, converting them into opportunities and accounts.

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Have items coming soon or on backorder? Collect those orders and manage fulfillment as items arrive.



Different customer types qualify for different shipping options. Zoey’s got you covered.

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Your store’s data is easily accessible to other systems, making fulfillment predictable.

Zoey is Great For...


Provide franchisees with an easy online portal to order products and supplies to keep their stores stocked.


Manage large orders with unique pricing and catalog lists by buyer type.


Make it easy for your dealers to place orders and re-orders, or get quotes for new items.

Join Other Suppliers Who Moved their Medical & Janitorial Sales Online

Professional Medical Fulfillment Joan Van Veen

“Sales have increased 45% since we made the switch to Zoey. Most of the increase has come from business customers because we can offer features that we were not able to give them in the past.

Joan Van Veen, VP of Marketing, Professional Medical Fulfillment

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Features That Enhance Your Online Store

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Know when you’re running low on items so you can reorder well before you’re out of stock.

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Split order functionality makes it easier to route purchases to the right fulfillment partner.



Fulfill what you have today while tracking demand for what’s due back in stock soon.


Zoey works with solutions that manage shipping types that B2B businesses require.

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Generate documents in various forms that can make fulfilling orders simpler.

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Zoey integrates with ShipperHQ for complex shipping calculations, ShipStation for fulfillment, and more.

Key Questions to Consider When Choosing an eCommerce Platform

Zoey’s e-commerce platform integrates seamlessly with most suppliers’ existing systems for accounting, inventory management, and shipping. This integration ensures that data is synchronized across all systems, reducing the risk of errors and increasing efficiency. Zoey’s platform includes:

  • Direct inventory syncing as part of our integrations with NetSuite and QuickBooks Online
  • File uploads from sources such as FTP/SFTP and Google Sheets
  • Open APIs that can be connected with other systems
  • Links to third-party software including Finale Inventory for more complex inventory management scenarios.

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Zoey offers a feature called “split orders,” which allows the supplier to break down an order and send only the orders with the vendor’s products to them. This enables each vendor to provide shipping updates and other order information directly to the buyer, who can track the progress of each split order through their self-service login.

There are a number of ways Zoey assists in speeding up fulfillment. One aspect is getting orders to fulfillment faster by having orders entered directly into the system, instead of being accepted in other forms (phone, email, fax, on paper) and manually transcribed into the system. Once in the system, Zoey offers a variety of abilities, such as Pick Lists and third-party integrations, that can make bulk processing and fulfillment of orders a reality. No matter how complex your organization’s warehousing, Zoey has a way to ensure you can move forward more efficiently.

Zoey offers several features to speed up order fulfillment, including the ability to enter orders directly into the system to avoid manual transcription errors. Once in the system, Zoey offers tools such as “Pick Lists” and third-party integrations to enable bulk processing and fulfillment of orders. This means that no matter how complex a business’s warehousing setup may be, Zoey has a solution to help increase efficiency and streamline the order fulfillment process.

Scale Ordering and Support Your Warehouse


Zoey is designed with wholesale ordering in mind, with tools that make building and completing larger orders easy.

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Zoey scales with your business and can easily grow sales by 50% to 100% without requiring you to hire more staff to manage those sales.


Zoey saves you time in the order fulfillment process when orders are placed directly into an order management system like Zoey.

FAQs for Medical & Janitorial eCommerce Order Fulfillment

In addition to lower overhead costs, an eCommerce platform can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. An online store offers customers a more convenient and streamlined shopping experience, allowing them to purchase products online 24/7. An eCommerce platform also provides businesses with automated inventory management, order tracking, and customer relationship management (CRM), which can increase efficiency and save time.

Zoey’s CRM has a streamlined Account Dashboard that allows your sales team to easily manage your orders and customer accounts while providing insights into quotes and account activity. Learn more about Zoey’s CRM.

Zoey’s platform allows businesses to serve their B2B and B2C customers using the same website with slight modifications and restrictions. Businesses will be self-sufficient with more control over adding products and setting up promotions. It also makes it easier for Sales reps to showcase one central website to B2C and B2B customers. Learn how this Medical Fulfillment company benefitted from using Zoey.

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform, but it doesn’t suit every business. Some businesses have been frustrated by the pricing and limits to customize the platform to suit their B2B needs. Zoey offers extensive customization options, allowing businesses of all sizes to tailor the platform to suit their needs. It integrates seamlessly with other business systems.

Zoey’s Mobile app provides easy access to your products and customer data. It allows your sales team to take orders and create sales quotes anytime, anywhere, even when you’re offline. Learn about the mobile app.

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