We are Zoey

Teams within a B2B Ecommerce company are most effective when their business processes are systematic, transparent, and automated. That’s where we come in.

We build B2B Ecommerce solutions that will transform your efficiency and success.

Zoey can be your core business solution or the Ecommerce spoke of your business linking data to other sources.

Our Key Tenets:

  • We Know What B2B Businesses Require

    Our B2B capabilities are built in house, based on working with hundreds of Ecommerce businesses.

  • B2B Ecommerce Comes First

    By putting B2B functionality at the center instead of as an add-on, we offer a more robust approach to Ecommerce.

  • We Partner With Experts

    We can’t be everything, so we align with experts in fields like complex shipping, tax calculations and payment processing.

  • Your Entire Team Matters

    From accounting to IT to marketing, a B2B Ecommerce platform needs to support the work of your entire team.

  • Your Customers Matter Too

    B2B Ecommerce needs to be built to support self-service options for buyers, in ways that empower them to purchase.

The Result

Our laser focus on B2B Ecommerce needs enable businesses to grow and evolve.

Our solutions cover both self-service and salesperson-driven sales workflows for a complete omnichannel approach.

About Us

Founded in 2014, Zoey specifically focuses on B2B and wholesale businesses who need Ecommerce as a channel for capturing and managing orders. Increasingly, that’s everyone.

Historically, B2B businesses have been behind the curve in investing in modern technology, particularly around Ecommerce.

Zoey provides a complete solution that incorporates both native mobile apps for salespeople to work in the field, along with modern self-service Ecommerce for the growing number of buyers who feel comfortable ordering on their own.

Zoey can be your centralized order processing hub, or can pass order data along to another system for processing, linking into other core business systems.


Simplify & Automate Your Business Today!

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