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Team culture and values

WE EMPOWER BUSINESSES TO secure sales FASTER AND more efficiently

We do this by enabling B2B and wholesale businesses to capture orders anytime, anywhere, on any device

We achieve our goals through key guiding pillars. We:

Our Customers

We help businesses who need powerful B2B capabilities and wish to move online.

We simplify this process by providing easy to use solutions that don’t sacrifice flexibility.

The Zoey team has decades of experience taking complex commerce scenarios and making them much more accessible. Founded in 2014, Zoey aims to accomplish this for B2B and wholesale merchants.

Many B2B and wholesale businesses continue to play catch up in leveraging tools that simply their business processes, make order capturing faster and make taking orders while on the go possible. Zoey is here to help those businesses.

Zoey combines the expected capabilities buyers have come to expect from online commerce, with specifically-designed B2B capabilities.

We provide a powerful array of solutions that help B2B and wholesale businesses migrate to digital orders quickly, taking advantage of technology to move their business forward and grow sales.

Peter Luschinger Cannabis Irrigation Supply

“Our website went from a disorganized back end mess where we had to jump through hoops and do special work for each different customer and customer group, to now we can offer each customer a unique pricing set over our entire line of products.”

Peter Luchsinger, Vice President, Cannabis Irrigation Supply

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Ready to START?

Fill out the form to request a personalized demo of Zoey.