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about zoey

Zoey is focused on solving one problem: Building a B2B/wholesale-centric eCommerce solution available to merchants. Most eCommerce platforms start with a B2C focus and bolt on B2B tech, which may offer some options but doesn’t get to the heart of what B2B and wholesale businesses need: Tools that serve customers, salespeople, marketers and more within the same system.

At the same time, Zoey is a modern platform that allows you to leverage a hosted, Software as a Service solution that requires no developers to keep the site up to date and secure. That means you can focus your budget and energy on building your business, instead of maintaining what you have.

Commiting to Continual Improvement

Since Zoey’s founding, we’ve consistently implemented and improved our capabilities for merchants, from implementing content and design management in our Visual Design Editor, to adding capabilities that customers can use to speed up ordering such as our Advanced Quick Order, Reorder and Recent Product capabilities.

Salespeople are empowered with tools that help them reach their customers and sell, while customers are able to get access to a variety of information that helps them become more self sufficient, freeing up your team to attract and support more customers. We’re constantly adding to our capabilities so your team can become more sophisticated in your approach and run your business successfully.

You should be free to run your business how you want. This simple premise embodies the spirit in which Zoey was created.

our culture

There are four key values that inform every decision we make at Zoey.

Put Merchants First

We’re building Zoey for merchants, not for ourselves. We don’t build new features because we think they’re interesting. We build what will give our customers an advantage over B2B solutions.

focus relentlessly

Our goal is to do one thing ridiculously well: build a comprehensive B2B and wholesale eCommerce platform that helps merchants create the online business they’ve always wanted.

Don’t settle

Reinventing eCommerce is a big goal and we won’t compromise on our commitment to achieving it or the quality of the solutions we build.

Make zoey a joy to use

We’re working every day to find elegant solutions to messy problems and build a product our customers delight in using.

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