Zoey VS OrderCircle

Zoey's Ecommerce Capabilities Outmatch OrderCircle

Comparing B2B solutions? See how Zoey gives you more.

Why Online Sellers Prefer Zoey Over OrderCircle

  • Zoey Holds Your Hand

  • True Customer Segmentation

  • Accounts with Multiple Buyers

  • Sales Quotes/Draft Orders

  • Complete Design Control

  • Zoey Empowers Your Entire Team

Zoey Holds Your Hand

When you select Zoey as your solution, a knowledgeable onboarding expert will assist you via phone calls and screen shares to configure your store, train your team and get you live. They’ll also help you setup integrations and put together the design of your store. 

Once you’re transacting, our support team will provide you quick, efficient and accurate support so you can keep moving with your workday.

Sales Quotes / Draft Order

Sales Quotes allows salespeople to submit an order to a customer for approval before purchase, or allow customers to submit to your company a potential order for pricing/availability review. This can reduce back and forth via phone or email, and ensure order accuracy before the customer completes a purchase.


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