Why Settle for BigCommerce

See how Zoey gives you a more complete solution for B2B Ecommerce.

8 Reasons B2B Sellers Prefer Zoey Over BigCommerce

  • Built for B2B From the Ground Up

  • One Place for Support

  • Say Goodbye to Third-Party Apps

  • Mobile Tools for Salespeople

  • Automate Accounts Receivable Tasks

  • Create Drafts and Quotes

  • Sales CRM Tools

  • Integrations With Popular Solutions

Built for B2B From the Ground Up

Zoey is specifically built with B2B workflows in mind, and is designed to help you from catalog creation through order processing:

  • Upload and maintain your catalog and list of Customers/Accounts
  • Segment Customers and Products into Groups
  • Assign each Group their own catalog, pricing and design
  • Create Drafts, Sales Quotes and Orders
  • Receive, view and fulfill orders

Mobile Tools for Salespeople

Only Zoey offers a native mobile app for iOS and Android:

  • Set up new buyers and immediately process sales
  • Look up customer information, including specific pricing
  • Review product information, including images
  • Create Drafts, Sales Quotes and Orders, even when offline
  • Take credit cards now, or offline payments later
  • Sync data to/from the Zoey Admin when online

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