Visualize Data Flows with New Diagrams for Key Zoey Integration Options

Ensuring data properly flows in the right ways and the right times is a key factor in ensuring a particular solution, and integration, is workable for your business. This can cover things like shipping and fulfillment as well as Invoice generation and Payment.

To help illustrate how various capabilities work, we have created a set of diagrams that showcase how some of our most popular connection types work, as well as our flexible Data Mapper. We’ve located these on our Zoey Demo store to help for those already exploring Zoey’s functionality, but they’re accessible for existing and potential Zoey sellers alike.

The initial diagrams include:

  • QuickBooks Online
  • ShipStation
  • ShipStation + QuickBooks
  • Zoey Data Mapper

Let’s review each of the data flows.

QuickBooks Online

QuickBooks Online Integration

Zoey has a robust set of tools to help with automated billing, such as Invoice Reminders and Bill Payments, but it’s not accounting software. This means it’s important to have an accounting solution to sync with and manage the financial functions of the business.

Zoey’s in-house QuickBooks Online integration is the perfect option. Zoey’s automated billing can ensure Invoices are sent, and Payments are collected, in a timely fashion, and keep QuickBooks up to date as things evolve. Customers are also synced for accurate information in both systems.


Shipstation Integration data flows

Similarly, many of our sellers leverage third-party shipping solutions like ShipStation to make shipping out multiple orders at a time an easy proposition. ShipStation will update orders as items are shipped, and now can even update invoices with exact shipment pricing.

QuickBooks + ShipStation Together

ShipStation and QuickBooks Online data flows

QuickBooks and ShipStation are two of our most used and popular integrations, helping to increase productivity for managing finances and shipping, respectively. And, since they are often used in tandem, our integrations are set up in a way that both can work together and Zoey all at the same time, managing their respective parts of the process.

Zoey Data Mapper

Zoey Data Mapper flows

Zoey’s Data Mapper is a more flexible option when you need to link to other systems using commonly established data formats and delivery. The diagram illustrates the various ways data can be pushed and pulled throughout the process, including scheduling frequency and data format.

As opposed to the pre-built integration options that are custom built for a specific solution, Zoey’s Data Mapper is a more agnostic option that, along with our APIs, offer the ability to connect to all sorts of other systems.

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