Quick Order Forms Now Available on the Zoey iOS App

One of the core principles of B2B Ecommerce is reducing friction in creating more complex orders. There’s an axiom that says B2C buyers want to shop, whereas B2B buyers want to buy.

From the beginning, one of Zoey’s earliest features was Quick Order, which made it easier for B2B buyers to enter SKU and quantity pairs in a simple interface. This allows for a cart with multiple products to be created quickly, and is especially helpful for those who order the same items repeatedly and just need a quick way to enter them.

This critical functionality is equally helpful for your sales team, however, and as a result we’ve added Quick Order forms to the Zoey iOS App functionality.

Features that have made it easier to set your buyers up have also made their way to the app for your sales team. This includes the ability to set default products and quantities on a given form – if you have a starter set of items that most or all of your customers buy, this can facilitate setting up an order easily on the app.

Setup of Quick Order forms take place in the admin, just as they do for your front-end users, offering a consistent experience for those who maintain these for your business. Now, you can make them available to the iOS app just as you do for buyers.

Because you may have different starting points for different types of customers, you have the ability to create multiple Quick Order forms, and select which one you wish to use as a starting template, and then make adjustments as needed before finalizing the cart.

This is just one of the many features made available for Zoey iOS App users. If you’re selling on Zoey but haven’t yet had the chance to check out the Zoey App, click here to download from the iOS store and try our demo! If you’re not yet on Zoey, we’re ready to help you – just chat with our team:

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