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Zoey was built for salespeople. Assist customers, close more sales and work wherever you are.
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Supercharge Your Sales with Zoey

Zoey Grows a lot


Our app puts product and customer information at your fingertips. Capture sales, even offline.


Outside sales reps can leverage the same sales tools inside reps can leverage with Zoey.


We offer drafts for saving incomplete orders for later, and quotes for customer review before purchase.

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Your store’s data is easily accessible to other systems, so you can use the sales tools you prefer.

Zoey is Great For...


Provide franchisees with an easy online portal to order products and supplies to keep their stores stocked.


Manage large orders with unique pricing and catalog lists by buyer type.


Make it easy for your dealers to place orders and re-orders, or get quotes for new items.

Join Zoey Sellers That Saw Sales Growth Like:

Professional Medical Fulfillment Joan Van Veen

“Sales have increased 45% since we made the switch to Zoey. Most of the increase has come from business customers because we can offer features that we were not able to give them in the past.

Joan Van Veen, VP of Marketing, Professional Medical Fulfillment

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Features That Support Your Sales Team


Capture orders anytime, anywhere on any device, with Zoey’s salesperson-focused mobile app.

Zoey Grows a lot


Create and save drafts for later, and quotes that your buyers can instantly convert to an order.

Team work


Limit customer and order views to buyers that each sales rep supports, eliminating noise.

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Both inside and outside sales reps can use Zoey to record sales they’ve secured from customers.



See purchase frequency and average order size to monitor evolving trends for your buyers.


Zoey’s CRM manages your sales leads, converting them into opportunities and accounts.

B2B eCommerce Sales Questions to Ask

A mobile app is the perfect solution for ensuring that salespeople can work whenever and wherever they are. By having an app that can work on their mobile device, they can bring it with them to client visits, conventions and conferences, or even use it in the office while they’ve got something else pulled up on their computers. The best options will have an offline mode, ensuring sales can still be recorded even when the Internet connection is iffy, especially on rural routes or at conferences with lots of people.

Attribution is a critical part of the sales process, and one we know is important to ensuring salespeople get credit for sales secured from their customers. To simplify attribution, customers and customer groups can be assigned to a specific salesperson, so by default sales from those customers or groups can be automatically attributed, including those placed via self-service means. This ensures salespeople are given credit, regardless of how their buyers ultimately place their orders, and ensures easier calculation of commissions due for those sales.

If buyers can place their own orders, and salespeople can avoid processing orders later by placing them in real time, it can unlock time for recruiting more businesses and increasing the purchase frequency of existing ones. For the sales team, this allows you to focus on new customer acquisition and customers that need a helping hand. Your new buyers will have a better experience since the sales team will have more availability, and existing customers will have an easier time reaching sales support.

Sales requests collected through Zoey’s storefront are automatically entered into the CRM as Opportunities. Your Sales Reps will be notified of new opportunities allowing them to contact prospects while tracking the entire sales cycle with the CRM’s Sales Flow feature.

In addition to taking orders without internet access, the CRM on Zoey’s Mobile App includes leads and opportunity capture, easy access to account notes and contacts, and clear metrics for quick decision-making.

Zoey Supports the Drive for Increased Sales


Zoey is designed with wholesale ordering in mind, with tools that make building and completing larger orders easy.

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Zoey scales with your business and can easily grow sales by 50% to 100% without requiring you to hire more staff to manage those sales.


Zoey saves you time in the order fulfillment process when orders are placed directly into an order management system like Zoey.

eCommerce Sales FAQs for B2B & Wholesale

There are a variety of ways that technology can backstop and accelerate the sales process. For organizations that are still taking orders via manual processes (paper, phone, email, fax, etc.), moving to an electronic format can reduce data entry errors and data duplication errors by inputting orders directly into an electronic order management system. In turn, being able to create Drafts and Quotes ensure the ability to document information for later, or get customer approval on the items being ordered. All along the way, using technology shortens the process, yielding more time for sales generation from both new and existing customers.

Not at all! The reality is an increasing number of your buyers are getting more comfortable with self-service technology, and prefer placing orders on their own that don’t require specific assistance. For your sales team, they can focus on drumming up sales from customers who have gone silent, and bringing on new business that will need assistance getting started. And even orders placed by salespeople can be tracked through a self-service system so your buyers can see where in the process their orders are without having to ping the sales team. So it can reduce the time required per sale, allowing salespeople to provide more dedicated assistance to new customers and existing ones who require the support.

Technology can replace existing methods of capturing orders, and in some cases facilitate orders taken in non-ideal ways through technology today. Instead of manually receiving orders by phone, email, pen and paper while in person, you can use a B2B eCommerce platform built for the sales team to thrive online. You can connect eCommerce to other sales systems, including Salesforce. If you have fulfillment partners or a warehouse, they can be linked in as well, allowing a seamless flow from order placement to fulfillment to invoice management/payment.

Shopify is a popular eCommerce platform, built primarily to support B2C use cases. Its app ecosystem allows for extending the platform in a variety of ways. That said, relying on a platform built for a different use case means more frequent frustrations and limitations that can constrain a business. A B2B-focused eCommerce platform can help, not just with sales and marketing, but many other roles that can benefit from B2B-specific tools, such as accounting/finance, eCommerce manager and fulfillment.

Zoey’s CRM integrates with external CRM’s such as Salesforce, enabling easy export/import of your data, APIs, connectors, and Webhooks.

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Ready to START?

Fill out the form to request a personalized demo of Zoey.