Mobile App

Zoey’s mobile app empowers salespeople and other team members to be able to capture orders or create sales quotes anytime, anywhere, even if Internet service is not available or unreliable. Check product information, look up customer-specific pricing, review images and more on your mobile device. iOS and iPad now available.

To download and demo the iOS app, click here!

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Data Import/Export

Zoey makes it easy to both import and export data to various other critical business systems. We offer a number of ways to bring in data to Zoey from other sources, as well as export data from Zoey to pass on to other systems. We also offer standard import/export options for building reports.

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B2B eCommerce

Zoey’s B2B eCommerce feature set enables you to set up a public-facing website that can provide a visible presence to existing and potential customers.

Use your catalog as SEO. Customers with special pricing can log in and see their special pricing instantly reflected on the website. Allow guests to make B2C purchases with self-service eCommerce tools that put the power of shopping in your buyers’ hands.

Hide prices or disable the cart for login guests to have a browsable catalog while protecting proprietary information like pricing. Allow buyers to sign in and see orders in progress and other information pertaining to their account.

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Access Restrictions

Access Restrictions are your permissions controls for a variety of functions on Zoey to make sure the right people are granted access to the right information. In the process it is part of what allows you to personalize the ordering experience for your buyers.

Determine whether the public can see your catalog or if a log-in to your store is required. Hide certain products, categories or content pages to be seen by only certain groups of customers. Choose which payment and shipping methods are presented and which are not. 

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Customer Groups

Customer Groups work hand in hand with Access Restrictions to complete the experience of offering a personalized buying experience for your accounts.

Assign each account / buyer to a group, which can have attached to it its own pricing scenarios. Assign billing/shipping options for how customers can pay and receive their orders.

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Order Portal

An Order Portal provides B2B and wholesale customers a place to log in and place orders. Unlike an eCommerce website, which generally has a public facing component, an Order Portal is minimally designed and allows customers to log in to a private site to complete orders.

An Order Portal has similar self-service features to an eCommerce website, including the ability to see a customized catalog and pricing, place orders or request sales quotes, see existing order progress and track shipments, and update billing and shipping information.

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Sales Quotes

For accounts that need a helping hand or are not acclimated to web ordering, Sales Quotes provides a tool that allows sales and customer service to assist customers.

Create a draft order based on a buyer’s requests, and submit to them for approval. An account will receive an email to review, and then convert to an order or request changes based on their preference.

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Accounts is a group of company team members with their own logins grouped together to allow for group settings, workflow management and more.

Orders placed by account members can be put into an approval queue for review by an Account Manager, have spending limits or thresholds set, and have global Net Terms across an entire account for all orders placed.

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Salesperson Tools

Zoey provides a set of salesperson-specific capabilities to help salespeople track their sales, focus on their specific customers and speed up sales through supportive online tools.

Salespeople can have their back-end accounts set to only show customers and orders that relate to their client base. They can have orders for their customers automatically attributed to them. They also have access to Sales Quotes, which offer a guided sales process for customers who are not as tech savvy.

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Account Self-Service Tools

While Zoey focuses on the B2B eCommerce experience, B2B buyers are B2C ones when they get home, and have developed expectations of things they can do on their own. Zoey has a robust set of Account Self-Service Tools to allow customers easy access to a variety of options.

Visual Design Editor

Our Visual Design Editor is unique in the eCommerce space in that it gives our merchants a large level of control over their designs without knowing how to code.

On a global level, you can set fonts, colors and other core branding elements that can be picked up by the entire site. You can use pre-built building blocks to set up your page, and control their individual capabilities with a variety of settings. Once built, it’s easy to swap out copy, marketing assets and more while retaining your design’s fidelity.

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Administration Tools

Zoey’s back-end is a powerful array of tools to allow merchants to capture and manage orders, customers and products, plus a variety of business-supporting features to ensure the day-to-day business can run smoothly.

Create staff accounts with restricted access to certain areas of the back end, import/export data, design and manage buyer-facing emails, and manage apps and integrations all within an organized administration panel that supports your eCommerce site, Order Portal and Mobile App all in one place.

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