Zoey Product Overview

Simplify & Automate: Ordering, Invoicing & Fulfillment

Whether you’re seeking a central management system or aiming to bridge gaps in your current setup, Zoey delivers out-of-the box solutions tailored to you.

How Can Zoey Work For You?

Welcome to Zoey – where your business finds its powerhouse. Zoey is a complete software that functions as the core of your business, but we don’t stop there. Zoey isn’t confined to one role; it can also act as a key component that bridges software gaps, eliminating time-consuming manual tasks.

Zoey at the Core of Your Business Operations

Utilize Zoey for CRM, OMS, Product Data & Inventory Management.

Seamless integration with ShipStation and QuickBooks available.

Zoey as a Key Component Bridging Software Gaps

Improve your B2B e-commerce management by incorporating Zoey within your existing ERP environment.

A Storefront Built for B2B

The Zoey Storefront runs on a no-code, drag & drop theme editor. Our themes provide an optimized B2B web experience that makes it easy for your customers to place their orders quickly, re-order, manage their account, view and pay invoices, monitor their account balance, invite and track additional account users, and more.

A Web Admin That Automates Your B2B Business Operations

Zoey’s Web Admin gives your team access to the CRM tools, Order Management, Quotations, Product Management, Reporting, Storefront Design, Sales and Discount features they need. Our pre-built integrations with key softwares, REST API, and Data Mapper solutions allow for fast integrations to be configured with Zoey. 

Keep your Sales Team, Delivery Drivers and Customers Connected

The Zoey Mobile App enables sales teams, delivery drivers and customers to stay connected in real-time. Offline mode allows your users to take orders anytime and anywhere. Our B2B Sales Tool app is perfect for Sales Teams on the road, Drivers fulfilling and invoicing orders, or your customers that need an easy option for scanning in or quick-entering sales orders.

Everything Out Of The Box

With Zoey, everything you need to run your business, equip your sales team, and impress your customers comes out of the box, ready to use. No 3rd party apps or custom development needed. All Zoey features were designed with you in mind. Whether that’s our CRM, OMS, Visual Design Editor, Mobile App, etc… get started with a software that checks all the boxes!

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Whether you are a Manufacturer, Distributor, Brand, Franchiser or have any other need for online B2B Sales, Zoey is the pre-built solution for your business.

    • Our no-code drag & drop theme builder empowers you to build a unique and optimized online solution for your customers.
    • Restrict your Storefront to login only, take online account applications or allow quote requests.
    • Setup Zoey as a Wholesale website and choose what you are comfortable showing visitors before requiring login.
    • Give logged in customers access to their own products and prices.
    • Allow your customers to manage their account: Invite additional users, set roles & permissions, view and pay invoices, track orders and shipments.
    • Speed up the customer ordering process with multiple methods of quick-order entry: customized order forms, product lists and tables, direct SKU entry, and order history re-order.
    • Provide gated visibility into inventory availability, restocking dates, and parcel or freight costs.
    • Our optimized B2B Checkout allows for collecting customized and required information in a simple 2-step experience.



The Zoey B2B Sales Tools App is currently being used by hundreds of customers across the country at major trade shows such as the Atlanta, Dallas and Las Vegas Markets.

  • Bad Wifi? No problem! The Zoey mobile app is designed to work offline giving you access to your customer database, to take new leads, sign up customer accounts and write drafts, quotes and orders with ease.
  • Have access to your full customer database. Lookup sales history and make data-informed decisions for your customers on the spot.
  • Save and share Draft Orders for those customers that are on the run and plan to come back later.
  • Everything syncs back to the Zoey Admin. All data entered on the App instantly synchronizes with your Storefront customer portal and any Zoey-connected back-office systems for accounting & fulfillment.
  • Scan barcodes for quick order entry using the mobile/tablet device camera or any connected barcode scanner.
  • Check realtime inventory and shipping/tracking information when connected to Wifi or Cellular service.
  • Take payments or send invoices direct from the app.


Have delivery drivers fumbling with an outdated system or relying on print-outs? The Zoey mobile app allows orders to be automatically scheduled and sent to the device of your drivers for their routes.

  • Set delivery routes for your customer accounts which allow your customer support, sales or customers themselves select delivery dates for their orders dependent on the days of the week and cutoff times required.
  • Assign accounts to their delivery driver so all orders are put in the correct queue.
  • Print pick-lists for your drivers dependent on the delivery dates and routes for each order.
  • The Zoey app will organize your drivers delivery orders, allow them to view shipping addresses/get directions, and quickly see which items need to be delivered.
  • Drivers can mark orders delivered and exclude any unavailable items.
  • Drivers can take COD payments, Credit Card payments, or send invoices for the delivered items from the mobile app.


Do you distribute products from multiple vendors or suppliers? Zoey can automate your business saving you from the unnecessary and error-prone tasks of connecting customer orders to vendor POs, shipping/tracking updates and accurate/automated billing.

  • Zoey’s split order functionality allows your customers, reps and support team to place orders across multiple suppliers and will auto-split the order per-supplier.
  • Use Zoey’s REST API or Data Mapper Tool to automatically send Customer Orders as Drop-Ship POs to your suppliers. Orders can be sent in the format each supplier requires and delivered via email, DropBox, HTTPS, FTP or SFTP.
  • Automate your shipping/tracking updates to your customers by scheduling an import from your suppliers. Regardless the data format, Zoey’s Data Mapper can handle updating shipping and sending invoices.
  • Use Zoey’s AR Automation to ensure you’re invoicing for only the items shipped with any updated freight costs.


Zoey services many business models including but not limited to:

  • D2C & B2B Sales
  • Sales Quoting & Custom Products or Services
  • Medical Sales
  • Food & Perishable Goods
  • Franchise Supply
  • …and more

Reach out to us if you feel your business model may be “too unique” or require outside-the-box solutions. We may be able to help or provide examples and case studies to see if Zoey might be the right fit for you.

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