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B2B Ecommerce Built with Finance in Mind

Zoey ensures finance and accounting roles have access to the data they need, quickly and efficiently.

Managing Accounting Needs With Ease

Zoey is Great For...


    Provide franchisees with an easy online portal to order products and supplies to keep their stores stocked.


    Manage large orders with unique pricing and catalog lists by buyer type.


    Make it easy for your dealers to place orders and re-orders, or get quotes for new items.

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Features Focused on Financial Success

FAQs for Accounting on B2B Ecommerce

Does Zoey Allow for Easy Accounting?

Centralizing orders in a single system can make accounting much easier. Having a solution that both buyers and salespeople use to enter orders can make it simpler to then migrate that data to accounting software. Plus, when direct links already exist, like QuickBooks Online for Zoey, you can take it a step further by having that automatically moved to your accounting software of choice to bring the data where it needs to live.

Does The Platform Support Payment Types with Lower Fees?

B2B and wholesale businesses often have thinner margins than their B2C counterparts, so efficiency at every level is critical. Accepting payment types like ACH, or allowing for invoicing outside the Ecommerce system for payments like checks, can ensure businesses avoid the higher fees associated with credit cards. Even business cards, which can have lower fees due to less fraud risk, can still be a multiple of the fees charged via ACH.

How Can Zoey Help Us Boost Sales?

If buyers can place their own orders, and salespeople can avoid processing orders later by placing them in real time, Zoey can unlock time for recruiting more businesses and increasing the purchase frequency of existing customers.

How Will This Help With Billing Automation and Accounts Receivables?

One of the most time-consuming parts of the process when it comes to B2B Ecommerce can be collecting on open invoices. Automated billing capabilities that can automate Accounts Receivable tasks can take a lot of pressure off the finance team. Zoey allows for scheduling when payment reminders go out, based on what is best for your business, ensuring timely interactions with your buyers and facilitating collections of payments through credit cards and ACH, based on your preference.

Is It Better to Take Payments Through Accounting or Ecommerce Software?

Making the decision on whether to generate invoices and collect payments through accounting software or through an Ecommerce platform will generally depend on the business structure. Businesses completing orders through an Ecommerce platform may find it easier to handle payments at that level. It can provide more transparency to your buyers to see invoices generated there, and be able to quickly make payments, rather than be in a completely separate accounting system. However, some businesses have orders coming in from a variety of sources, and in those scenarios, it can make it easier for the business to centralize payment collection in the accounting software.

How Can I Take My Business Online?

Technology can replace existing methods of capturing orders, and in some cases, facilitate orders taken in non-ideal ways through technology today. Instead of manually receiving orders by phone, email, pen and paper while in-person, you can use a B2B Ecommerce platform built for wholesale businesses to thrive online. You can connect Ecommerce to other systems like accounting, even if you’re just doing the basics in a solution like QuickBooks Online. If you have fulfillment partners or a warehouse, they can be linked in as well, allowing a seamless flow from order placement to fulfillment to invoice management/payment.

Why Is It Important to Centralize Orders in One System?

Having orders coming in from a variety of sources isn’t unusual, but having their endpoint be the same system is the desired result. In that way, all orders, regardless of where they are initiated, can be accounted for in a single source of truth. Zoey allows orders taken by salespeople and placed directly by buyers converge in the Zoey orders list. Buyers can view their company’s order history, regardless of who submitted them, ensuring a complete view of orders placed. Fulfillment teams will also be more efficient since all of the orders they need to process are located in one place.


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