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Zoey’s CRM manages your sales leads, converting them into opportunities and accounts.

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Find products, customer data and orders all in one place via a web-based admin and a mobile app.

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Work anywhere, anytime, on any device. Look up product info and create Quotes, Orders and Drafts.

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Integrate with NetSuite, QuickBooks Online and other systems, plus robust API’s and webhooks.

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Zoey’s CRM, self-service ordering portal, and customized pricing feature can simplify your order fulfillment process.


Zoey can be used to build an eye-catching online store that displays your products while ensuring accurate order fulfillment.


Zoey’s online wholesale ordering interface makes it easy for buyers to find and purchase products from your vast online inventory.


Zoey’s mobile app helps salespeople track sales, manage orders, and shipments to customers.


Zoey focuses on what you need, like customer and price segmentation, catalog restrictions, and various billing and payment methods.

Join Other Suppliers Who Moved their Food & Beverage Sales Online

Beth Gunderson Door County Coffee & Tea Co.

Sales have increased with existing customers being able to see all we have to offer. Orders placed on Zoey have decreased the time we’re on the phone. Registrations for new prospects converting to customers happens faster. Zoey and the integration with NetSuite was an excellent choice for us.”

Beth Gunderson, Director of Food Service,
Door County Coffee & Tea Co.

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Features Food & Beverage Suppliers Need



Zoey offers a public website for consumers and an online order portal for buyers, including segmented catalogs and pricing.



Zoey can be configured for specific packaging quantities and increments – by the case, bag, barrel, pallet – in units you define.

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Businesses can tie into QuickBooks Online, Salesforce, NetSuite and more. Our APIs, SFTP and webhooks options make data readily available.

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Generate quotes for new and existing customers before placing an order, including on our apps and at conferences and trade shows.

Security features


Control which of your buyers can see products in your catalog to reserve products for certain customers.

Customized catalog and pricing


Multiple customers from one account can place orders and have their order history linked while being assigned to a location.

What to Ask When Choosing a Food & Beverage B2B e-Commerce Platform

Yes, Zoey’s platform provides food and beverage businesses with the option to create an online store customized with their branding. This will allow you to showcase your products in an attractive and user-friendly way while allowing customers to easily browse and make purchases. View one of our customer websites. 

Yes, Zoey integrates with other systems, such as QuickBooks Online, Oracle Netsuite, and Salesforce. The platform can integrate with the leading apps in eCommerce within your Zoey Store. No installation is required! Browse our library of app integrations.

Zoey’s Mobile app provides easy access to your products and customer data. It allows your sales team to take orders and create sales quotes anytime, anywhere, even when you’re offline. Learn about the mobile app.

Zoey’s CRM has a streamlined Account Dashboard that allows you to easily manage your sales cycle and customer accounts while providing insights into quotes, orders, and activity on the accounts. Learn more about Zoey’s CRM.

Zoey’s platform allows B2B customers to place orders directly from their computers or phones through the business’s website portal. Once an order is received, the business can easily assign it to their driver(s) using Zoey’s mobile app. From the app, the drivers can see their assigned deliveries and mark them as delivered once they reach the destination. They can also take customer signatures, collect payments, or send invoices directly from the app. Our platform can help reduce manual data entry, improve order accuracy, and provide customers with a better experience. West Coast Distributors uses Zoey’s mobile app to deliver orders directly to their customers.

Why Food & Beverage Companies Pick Zoey


Zoey is designed with online ordering in mind, with tools that make building and completing food & beverage orders easy.

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Zoey scales with your business and can easily grow sales by 50% to 100% without requiring you to hire more staff to manage those sales.


Save time in the order fulfillment process when orders are placed directly into an order management system like Zoey.

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FAQs for a Food & Beverage B2B eCommerce Platform

Instead of manually receiving orders by phone, email, pen, and paper while in person, you can use a B2B eCommerce platform built for the coffee business to thrive online. Instead of tracking sales with excel spreadsheets, you can connect eCommerce to other systems like accounting, even if you’re just doing the basics in accounting software such as QuickBooks Online. If you have fulfillment partners or a warehouse, they can be linked in as well, allowing a seamless flow from order placement to fulfillment to invoice management and payment.

An online web presence with the ability for wholesale customers to register is one way to attract leads, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can also equip your sales team with tools to be able to recruit customers through cold calling or business opportunities, like trade shows. A B2B platform like Zoey can provide both by offering both a self-service Web solution for potential customers to register and ultimately make purchases on their own, while offering a salesperson-focused mobile app for allowing your sales team to take orders and register customers on the go. Whether inside customer stores, at trade shows or working remotely, your sales team can assist both new and existing buyers to get what they need. Or, buyers can self-manage if they’re comfortable with placing eCommerce orders already.

One way a platform like Zoey can be leveraged is to offer a consumer-facing website. Your catalog can be visible and even allow for direct-to-consumer sales. You can also list your products via Google Shopping with an included plug-in. In this way, your website is a search engine opportunity by listing your products on your website and with Google. For your wholesale customers, they can log in and see their particular products and pricing for them, while your public-facing website can show the consumer-level pricing.

Shopify was built as a B2C-focused platform. Their basic offerings have access to add-ons that can offer some B2B functionality, but linking data from those add-ons to other systems can be incredibly difficult and frustrating. More recently, Shopify has added wholesale capabilities to Shopify+, but with an astronomical price tag and fees based on volume. Zoey was built with B2B functionality top of mind, offers a more complete solution (including a salesperson-centric mobile app not available on Shopify), and is priced to be accessible to more businesses. Learn more about Zoey. vs. Shopify

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