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Data Mapper

Automated Flat File or Webhook Integrations with the Zoey Data Mapper

Integrate any external system using Zoey’s Data Mapper tool for field/value mapping, setting connection points and scheduling import/export jobs and webhook events.

Integrate without a Developer

The Zoey Data Mapper gives you access to all Zoey objects like your Products, Pricing, Orders, Customers and more. Reduce human-error by setting up automated import/export jobs that are customized to the data format you already have.





Shipping & Tracking

Invoices & Payments

Accounts & Contacts

Leads & Opportunities

Setup your “Connections”

Each data mapper can be configured to connect to an online file system whether it’s FTP/SFTP or DropBox. Connections can also be setup to send flat files via Email or to Post JSON data to an HTTPS Webhook Endpoint URL.

Schedule Import/Export Jobs

Whether sending an Order feed to a Vendor, updating shipping/tracking details, or importing pricing and inventory, you can control when and how frequently each data mapper import or export job will run.

Map Zoey Fields to your Fields for Import or Export

Zoey can adapt to your external systems by mapping your existing templates and data structure fields and values. This will let you setup import and export jobs that don’t require any manual steps.

Filter Data Output

Control what data gets exported. Utilize advanced filters to ensure only the data you want is included when each data mapper process runs.

Zoey Will Help You Get Integrated

As part of Zoey’s unique onboarding support process, we will help you to utilize the Zoey Data Mapper to ensure your vital business operations will be supported from day one. 

Common uses for Data Mapper:
  • Automate Inventory updates from Vendor/Supplier Feed

  • Import Product updates or create new products from a Supplier Feed

  • Route Orders to 3PL for Shipping

  • Import Shipping/Tracking information to automate Invoicing

  • Sync Customer data with an external CRM

  • Configure custom reports that are scheduled and emailed


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