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B2B Ecommerce for Toy Distributors and Wholesalers

Zoey makes managing a diverse order stream simpler. Buyers can make purchases directly from you while internal and external salespeople can capture orders on the go.

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We Help Bulk Toy Sales Teams:


    Sell anytime, anywhere, with a mobile App. Find information, create customers, and generate quotes/orders, even when offline!


    They can use a website or order portal to place self-service orders into Zoey, as well as track and communicate around existing orders.


    Zoey supports search engine optimization (SEO), and makes it easy for marketers to list products on marketplaces and shopping engines.


    Zoey easily links to other systems for order fulfillment, such as ShipStation, and provides direct support for Pick Lists and other warehouse needs.


    Zoey’s Admin makes looking up customers, orders and products easy. Communication tools ensure you and your buyers can stay in touch!

Move Wholesale Toy Sales Online Just Like:

Features for B2B Toy & Games Sellers Include

FAQs for Toys & Games B2B Ecommerce

How a B2B Ecommerce Platform Like Zoey Helps Your Toy & Board Game Business?

Centralizing orders in a single system can be a critical efficiency driver as your business grows. Most B2B Ecommerce businesses leverage a combination of salespeople, customer service and buyer-placed self-service orders to derive business, and all three categories can place their orders in a system like Zoey for a unified and uniform fulfillment process. Best of all, your buyers and internal team alike can find information about previous orders, see order progress as it’s shipped and delivered, and look up information on other products all in the same place. Saas Ecommerce makes capturing orders easier than before, freeing up your team to handle more orders and buyers at a time, while allowing self-sufficient buyers to place their own orders. This can keep your costs in check as you grow, improving margins.

Can Online Ecommerce Support Working With Multiple Vendors?

Often toys and board games are sourced from a variety of providers, and so you may need to route orders to multiple providers in turn. Your buyers may also only be interested in certain product lines, and this means having products segmented in a different way. Solutions like Zoey have multiple ways to segment customers and product lines so that you can display the right products to the right customers. And with features like Split Orders, you can break orders down and forward the proper toy and board games orders to the right provider for fulfillment when necessary.

ASK: Does This Platform Allow for a Better User Experience?

Many times your buyers are reordering products they’re already familiar with. Offering a truly streamlined ordering experience that makes building bulk orders simpler, along with accurately displaying their pricing information and any volume breaks they may get, can provide the confidence a buyer needs to complete the order and take pressure off your sales team. Similarly, your salespeople can provide support wherever they are via the Zoey App, picking up Drafts that their buyers have begun and help complete the sale.

ASK: Can We Capture Orders Regardless of Location?

Your salespeople are likely on the road, so having tools that can work anywhere is important. Zoey App works both online and offline, allowing your sales team to build orders even if they don’t have an Internet connection, with those orders getting submitted once connectivity returns. For your buyers, a web-based order portal can be accessed anywhere web access is available, whether on desktop or mobile.

ASK: Will This Solution Help us Boost Sales?

B2B Ecommerce is steadily taking hold as more buyers get comfortable placing orders for themselves, and salespeople leveraging technology that helps them place and manage orders. In turn, these efficiencies mean your existing team can work on acquiring new business with more bandwidth, allowing you to both maintain existing clientele and bringing new purchasers into your business.

How Does Zoey Differ from Shopify?

Shopify was built as a B2C-focused platform. Their basic offerings have access to add-ons that can offer some B2B functionality, but linking data from those add-ons to other systems can be incredibly difficult and frustrating. More recently, Shopify has added wholesale capabilities to Shopify+, but with an astronomical price tag and fees based on volume. Zoey was built with B2B functionality top of mind, offers a more complete solution (including a salesperson-centric mobile app not available on Shopify), and is priced to be accessible to more businesses. Learn more about Zoey. vs. Shopify


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