Egal makes sanitary products readily accessible in bathrooms in a simple and friendly format, and leverages Zoey not only for capturing, but for presenting their entire website. View Zoey Store >

Pacer Sales Group leverages Zoey to support ordering for their food service industry customers, making it easy to order equipment and maintain a high-quality relationship. View Zoey Store >

Zoey powers Loulou Lollipop’s wholesale ordering website for its resellers and merchant partners, making it easy for them to order/reorder products they carry. View Zoey Store >

Arrojo NYC uses Zoey as its ordering portal for its Ambassadors, those hairdressers who represent and recommend Arrojo products to their customers. View Zoey Store >

Chewbarka utilizes Zoey’s order portal to capture and process online orders for their 100% U.S.A. made Medical Grade engravables, dye sublimation tags, luggage tags, and money clips. View Zoey Store >

Saint Rocco’s Treats has deployed Zoey to work with their wholesale and distribution customers, offering an easy way to place pet treats orders for their own stores. View Zoey Store >

Monograms of Distinction uses Zoey to power its website and ordering for buyers, offering unique customizable gift options for HR to delight employees. View Zoey Store >

FuelCloud offers Zoey’s order portal to its partners to order hardware, as well as propane and propane accessories, to ensure they have the resources they need. View Zoey Store >

The Hemp Collect supplies premium hemp materials and CPGs in the cannabis industry, and they use Zoey as their primary online storefront for wholesale buyers. View Zoey Store >

Tiger Tail USA revolutionized muscle recovery by popularizing the hand-held foam roller in the USA and worldwide. To efficiently manage their online orders, they rely on Zoey’s order portal for capturing and processing. View Zoey Store >

Franklin Strap has produced high-quality guitar straps and the Glider Capo since 1999. Their straps are popular among successful musical retailers, and they used Zoey to create their wholesale customer portal. View Zoey Store >

Lift Off Distribution exclusively distributes Red Bull Energy Drink in Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC. They use Zoey’s online order portal to streamline the purchasing process for their clients.
View Zoey Store >

Swiftwick performance socks cater to various sporting activities. They rely on Zoey’s online order portal to simplify the purchasing process for their distributors. View Zoey Store >

Peyton Webster sells premium home decor items, such as rugs, furniture, and accessories. They use Zoey’s online order portal for convenient customer browsing and purchasing. View Zoey Store >

Iceman specializes in delivering quality ice for special events and emergencies. With Zoey, customers can place orders via email, SMS, phone, or the website portal, and drivers can manage orders and payments through the app.
View Zoey Store >

BASF quickly scaled to over 25 stores with Zoey for various business units to capture orders and quotes from their customers.

Milkhouse Candle Co. sells to both B2B and B2C customers through a single Zoey store. Their sales reps use the Zoey app to facilitate quicker purchases for rep-led purchases over the phone. View Zoey Store >

U.S. Toy has been in business since 1953, and uses Zoey to power both its direct to consumer and commerical division websites. View Zoey Store >

Islander Reels, a division of JS Foster, Corporation, sells precision fishing reels and has done so now for more than three decades. Zoey serves as their wholesale order portal option for online order placement. View Zoey Store >

Inland Allcare distributes Zep chemical products, along with paper and packaging products, to restaurants, hotels & motels, coffee shops, resorts, bakeries, butcher shops and more. Zoey serves as their order portal offering for online purchases. View Zoey Store >

West Coast Distributors operates a small fleet of mobile vehicles that sells to retail establishments a variety of goods, using the Zoey App to manage sales on the go. View Zoey Store >

Stokebridge Brands is an authorized importer and distributor of HARIO products in the United States. They use Zoey to offer online ordering capabilities for their buyers. View Zoey Store >

Bailey Boys offers special occasion and casual dress wear for both boys and girls. Their wholesale customers can place orders with Zoey Web, and their sales team uses the Zoey App to capture orders at trade shows. View Zoey Store >

Dino Cat Industrial Supplies is a distributors of a number of major fastening product brands, using Zoey as its ordering interface for its wholesale customers. View Zoey Store >

Ceramo has been in business for more than 70 years, launching their first products in 1945. Zoey provides both a sales rep app for their team in the field, and a website for their customers for initiating orders. View Zoey Store >

Blake Brothers International is a wholesale sterling silver jewelry supplier, leveraging Zoey’s wholesale tools to sell online to their buyers. View Zoey Store >

Constructive Playthings, a sister company to U.S. Toy, offers toys that are age appropriate and conducive to learning, along with classroom materials and supplies for educators. View Zoey Store >

Caloosa Wholesale Sportsman Supply has been in business for over 40 years, serving as a wholesaler of sporting goods for the outdoors for stores throughout Florida and beyond. Zoey’s order portal powers their online purchasing experience for wholesale orders. View Zoey Store >

ManaMed is a leading provider of innovative orthopedic devices that provides quality patient care. They use Zoey as its order portal for capturing and processing online orders. View Zoey Store >

Lagersmith’s online wholesale ordering solution is powered by Zoey, helping their customers purchase can products, including ends and trays, in bulk for their businesses. View Zoey Store >

Fleet Feet leverages Zoey’s online self-serve order portal to capture bulk orders placed to its distribution center by its various franchises to keep stores in stock. View Zoey Store >

Peacock Star is a wholesale sterling silver jewelry seller with a worldwide presence, and uses Zoey as their public online storefront for their wholesale buyers. View Zoey Store >

Underdog Games sells a catalog of board games both directly and through a variety of distribution channels. They use Zoey to offer a wholesale ordering option for their distributors. View Zoey Store >

Johnson Hicks Marine has been in the marine electronics business for over 35 years, and uses Zoey to power both their online website and ordering experience for their customers. View Zoey Store >

Advetage Solutions is a disabled veteran owned business that aims to sell high-quality medical-grade products at a price accessible to a wide variety of businesses. Zoey is their online storefront for accepting orders for their products. View Zoey Store >

Door County Coffee & Tea Co. uses Zoey to provide an online wholesale ordering website for customers of its coffee and tea products. View Zoey Store >

Consignista runs a consignment business, leveraging Zoey for buyers to sign in and see their inventory. View Zoey Store >

Big Red Warehouse is a UK seller of popular brands of children’s toys and in business for more than a decade. They use Zoey to sell direct to consumers.

Real Avid sells a line of do it yourself products for gun owners, and they offer a dealer portal for its dealers using Zoey’s B2B eCommerce capabilities. View Zoey Store >

Aseptiscope develops innovative solutions that lower the risk of contamination and infection in healthcare systems. They leverage Zoey to capture and process their orders. View Zoey Store >

Woodhouse Chocolate uses Zoey to sell to both their B2C and wholesale customer base, using a unified storefront to help all of their buyers and manage their orders.

Copper Pearl creates quality modern baby goods for growing families who appreciate both function and thoughtful design. Zoey is their wholesale solution for taking orders from their buyers. View Zoey Store >

Lost and Found Trading Company uses Zoey as a way for its wholesale buyers to browse their women’s fashion jewelry and accessories. You must be a registered buyer to see the catalog and place an order. View Zoey Store >

Flowtoys uses Zoey to sell direct to consumers their colorful, bright light-up flow arts and juggling props.

SmartPlug is a shore power system to improve upon previous solutions for both watercraft and RVs. Zoey powers their dealer portal for placing orders. View Zoey Store >

US Endovascular aims to reduce the distance between manufacturers and healthcare providers to bring down costs while yielding high-quality products. Zoey serves as their public website and ordering interface for their customers. View Zoey Store >

Zoey allowed Backyard Nature Products to successfully reboot both their B2C and B2B sales, delivering quickly on being able to successfully revive their online sales portal. View Zoey Store >

G54 offers branded apparel such as hats and shirts, along with other brandable items such as souvenirs, using Zoey as their ordering portal for such items.View Zoey Store >

With the time and money saved moving to Zoey from an open source solution, Colorado Standby has been able to invest in growing their business instead.

ProSilver is a leading manufacturer and wholesaler of sterling silver, serving retailers, wholesalers and distributors for over 20 years. Zoey is their online storefront. View Zoey Store >

Strong Made, a brand of Savant Mfg Inc, offers ATV and UTV accessories, using Zoey to power their online presence and ordering capabilities. View Zoey Store >

Rolla Biotech specializes in hospital and laboratory liquidations, and uses Zoey to list their products and capture sales.

Ninkasi Brewing Company uses Zoey as their wholesale ordering portal for their distributors to place orders, with 95 percent adoption by their distributors. View Zoey Store >

Numilk sells plant-based milk making devices for both homes and businesses. Zoey powers their wholesale ordering portal to streamline their business. View Zoey Store >

Snow Big Deal sells outdoor safety equipment, with a focus on avalanche safety. They’ve been in business for more than 20 years, and are a longtime Zoey seller. View Zoey Store >

Arlington Power Equipment is the Midwest’s #1 supplier of power equipment, ice melt, and arborist and landscape supplies. They’ve used Zoey for years to service their customer base.

Tournament Cable designs and develops premium terminal tackle. Zoey powers their online storefront and website for their innovative products. View Zoey Store >

Essential Medical Supply sells an array of products under a number of brands that provide medical supplies. Zoey acts their online presence and their shopping experience. View Zoey Store >

Real Goods needed to move to a modern, more robust eCommerce solution to be able to continue their growth. In Zoey, they found a solution that could handle both their current and future needs. View Zoey Store >

Paris Brothers Specialty Foods uses Zoey’s order portal capabilities to have a wholesale ordering interface online, always available for buyers of their various products. View Zoey Store >

Lily & Ribbon sells maternity clothing using Zoey to power its public online storefront. Their customer-facing online store serves UK customers.

Capital Weld Cleaners sells US-made cleaning machines that are designed to simplify the process while offering an affordable solution. They use Zoey to maintain their online presence and capture sales. View Zoey Store >

Professional Medical Fulfillment needed a powerful eCommerce platform, with the accessibility that allowed their team to work without expensive outside support. View Zoey Store > is a candy distributor based out of Canada, leveraging Zoey as their front-end for their buyers to make purcahses. View Zoey Store >

Total Desire, based in South Florida, sells a variety of intimatewear, particularly from Columbia in Brazil, including girdles, shapewear and post surgery wear. View Zoey Store >

Pan-Oston uses Zoey to sell front-end and back-end fixtures to retail stores, both large and small. View Zoey Store >

HIMedia sells high quality culture media for microbiology, using Zoey as their ordering platform for various re-agents and media.

Inpopnito focuses on selling popcorn gifts both online and in their Popcilities in New England, sold in various flavor “disguises.” View Zoey Store >

Triton Supply sells an array of medical products including cleaning supplies, pill crushers and gloves.

Roof Safety Markers sells products that helps to indicate potential safety issues when working on a roof. Zoey is their platform for not only providing information on how to use them, but placing orders for them. View Zoey Store >

Supplize offers various types of consumable supplies for the child care and catering/restaurant industries. Zoey serves as their online platform of choice, both powering their website and their storefront. View Zoey Store >

Ajax Supply is a local hardware store that uses Zoey to provide an online alternative for ordering supplies. View Zoey Store >

DC Oriental Wholesalers is a distributor of food products based out of the Washington DC area, and uses Zoey to display their products and capture quotes/orders. View Zoey Store >

Legacy Industrial Electric is a hands-on business that ensures that you can feel confident in the components you’re ordering. They use Zoey as their public facing website and order taking system. View Zoey Store >

Noah’s Ark Deli leverages Zoey to take orders from an array of clients, from consumers needing a larger order for special occasions, to catering services and special events. View Zoey Store >

Paul W. Marks Company distributes a variety of dairy and specialty grocery products throughout New England, in a wholesaler-friendly way, including its use of Zoey for order placement. View Zoey Store >

Fintech Industrial Abrasives is a manufacturer that works to provide a qualify product, one that doesn’t skimp on quality to achieve a lower price. Zoey is that platform that enables their customers to order from them. View Zoey Store >

Pizzeria Deluna allows for ordering of their wood-fired pizzas which can be made and delivered in short order, with Zoey as their ordering system. View Zoey Store >

HJI Supply Chain Solutions provides manufacturing and warehousing solutions for businesses, and uses Zoey for capturing orders from their various clients for products they produce on their clients’ behalf. View Zoey Store >

Hoarding Warehouse is a UK-based business that sells reusable hoarding to customers with both indoor and outdoor needs. Zoey’s order capture capabilites lets them take orders with ease. View Zoey Store >

For over 25 years, York Catering Supplies has been a distributor of top brands catering supplies for UK businesses. Zoey is their online store platform. View Zoey Store >

Paver Outlet sells pavers and other outdoor-related projects to both contractors and homeowners at wholesale prices. Zoey is their eCommerce system of choice for managing order capture, as well as powering their website. View Zoey Store >

Carriage Trade Service Company sells new and refurbished shopping carts, along with accessories, through a Zoey-powered online store. View Zoey Store >

Stratus uses Zoey to sell predesigned mesh banners, either individually or as a kit, to help restaurants being remodeled to message to customers what’s still open, such as a drive-thru. View Zoey Store >

For over 25 years, Compressed Air Systems UK has offered sales, service and hire of air compressors, ancillaries and spare parts for UK businesses. They use Zoey to collect and manage orders. View Zoey Store >

Tesco Pumps is a distributor of a variety of pump brands. They use Zoey to offer online eCommerce purchasing for their buyers, and order management for themselves. View Zoey Store >

WeightechUSA is a global distributor of weighing systems, offering one of the largest selection of precision Load Cells, Tank Weighing Modules, Indicator, and related Accessories. Zoey is their online eCommerce solution of choice. View Zoey Store >

Urban Wood Goods uses Zoey to manage its custom furniture program, allowing for a granular level of information to be captured for the perfect furniture piece, something previously done outside of eCommerce. View Zoey Store >

Farmhouse Fabrics uses Zoey to sell, both directly to consumers and wholesale to other business, an array of fabrics, patterns and other craft goods. View Zoey Store >

The US distributor of Mediderma and Susderma products uses Zoey to capture orders from its customers online easily and effectively. View Zoey Store >

Brooklyn Bedding sells mattresses online and makes its own beds. Zoey powers their B2B and wholesale ordering efforts through an online order portal. View Zoey Store >

Galton Wholesale is a company with over 45 years in the home and garden manufacturing trade, using Zoey for capturing wholesale orders. View Zoey Store >

Collateral Now uses a public Zoey storefront to sell branded merchandise to various brands with products made in the USA.

MC Group | Icon allows registered customers to sign in and place orders for marketing products such as signage, banners and printed materials. View Zoey Store >

Airliners in Scale offers painted airplane models as well as airline kits, and are a part of the Sprue Brothers Models LLC family.

Fred’s Signs specializes in real estate signs, leveraging Zoey to offer a public storefront to browse and order signage.

Bromeliads N Such offers an assortment of bromeliads and ships them to fans of them all over the world.

Absolute HID sells LED and HID lighting and conversion kits for vehicles and is based out of Canada, leveraging Zoey to capture self-service online orders.

Unique Manufacturing & Marketing uses Zoey for wholesale orders of their various product lines, separate from their consumer ordering options.

Europrice leverages Zoey to provide an online self-service option to order parts for Audi and Volkswagen cars, making purchases easy.

ThermoCraft offers the ability to order business cards, postcards and other printed materials, with customizations, through Zoey.

914 Rubber aims to offer affordable parts that would otherwise be no longer available. They leverage Zoey for both consumer-facing and wholesale sales.

Dragon’s Trove has been selling online since 1995, buying and selling out of print and popular role playing games.