Commonwealth Packaging Saves Time and Increases Orders with an Order Portal







The Challenge:

After a previous ordering portal proved to be too cumbersome for both Commonwealth Packaging Company and its customers, it was discontinued, and when the time was right a more user-friendly replacement was sought.

What They Like About Zoey:

  1. The ability to get real help, quickly, from the Zoey team made it more appealing than other options.
  2. The amount of time needed to administer Zoey over their previous solution is drastically reduced.
  3. Their sales team can quickly stage examples of how Zoey can take orders for potential accounts, both new and existing to their company.
  4. Inventory updates only take a few minutes when new inventory is available, and Zoey manages inventory as orders are registered.
  5. The ability to set restrictions on who can order, and how many they can order, gives their clients a level of control even when using a self-service order portal.

Finding a New Solution:

When the time came to replace their previous ordering solution as the business had a need for it again, and the research process began. Kris Cardene, a “jill of all trades” at Commonwealth Packaging Company, did some research to find some options.

“As I did my search, a couple came up, you being one of them,” Cardene said. “I tried to reach out to three different ones from the options that came up. I could not get a person to talk to anywhere but at Zoey.”

Frustrated in navigating the phone trees of other organizations, Cardene began to rule them out, surmising that if it was this difficult to reach a salesperson, support was likely not going to be any better. With Zoey, that wasn’t an issue at all.

“When I called Zoey, I got a person right away, who walked me through the system, and then I looked at it myself. That was the big decider – the fact that I got to talk to a person,” Cardene added.

To learn how Zoey can help you, request a customized walkthrough with our team!

To learn more about how Commonwealth Packaging Company has leveraged Zoey has a superior order portal for capturing their customers’ internal orders, download the full case study:

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Commonwealth Packaging Company

About Commonwealth Packaging Company

Commonwealth Packaging Company has been in business for more than 60 years, and are experts not only at making sure the packaging is just right, but also the ability to manage logistics, as well as offer top-notch customer support. They’re able to help businesses with both their physical store and Ecommerce needs.


“I cannot stress enough, at least for me personally, the customer service. It is what sealed the deal. When I set up my day, I decide on what I’m going to do. This includes setting aside time to work on my Zoey stuff. If I hit something that I couldn’t do, I would normally worry I’d have to rearrange my day. But because I get responses so quickly, it’s not a problem.”


Kris Cardene, Commonwealth Packaging Company

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