ManaMed increases sales with less effort, thanks to Zoey’s suite of capabilities





What They Like About Zoey:

  1. They are able to hire more inside salespeople, leveraging Zoey’s capabilities, to grow sales more efficiently.
  2. Salespeople can also train their customers on how to purchase through Zoey, encouraging more customers to be able to purchase on their own.
  3. Zoey’s self-service ordering and catalog display capabilities exposes buyers to other products besides what they’ve already purchased.
  4. Sales are up 50 percent, but the order management labor is down significantly, allowing the customer support team to spend more time helping their customers.
  5. Manamed can process orders in bulk through an internal tool they’ve built to communicate with Zoey’s open APIs.

In Their Words:

“Prior to using Zoey we had two people entering orders full time. Our only option was to keep hiring more people to keep up with demand. Our orders have grown 50 percent per day but now we only have one person doing order entry (which is mostly for the key accounts that are unique).

“Now that we have a much stronger platform, we are hiring many more field salespeople as well as inside salespeople. Their job is now focused on actual selling and initial training of the customer without having to waste time handholding.

“Most of our customers only buy 2-4 products out of our 58 products because they would previously only buy what they are directly sold. Now, while they are in Zoey, they can see our entire product lineup as well as recommended products and related products. This has opened the door to more sales conversations which is a big advantage to us.”

–Erik Lorenz, Chief Information Officer, ManaMed

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About ManaMed

ManaMed is a leading provider of innovative orthopedic devices that provides quality patient care.


Erik Lorenz Manamed


“There have been two main benefits to using Zoey – internal efficiency, allowing us to grow without increasing manpower; and a better platform for our sales team.”


Erik Lorenz, Chief Information Officer, ManaMed

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